Verified Credentials, Qualified Applicants.


Credential fraud is estimated to be a $2 billion worldwide market. Make sure you’re covered by securely receiving those credentials from the largest network of high schools and higher education institutions. With end-to-end security across our platform and within each document, you don’t have to worry. Every credential you receive into your unified inbox is available for batch download, saving time. Parchment Receive was built so employers find the most qualified applicants.


Transcript Verification

When you receive a transcript through Parchment, you know it's verified. Our system ensures end-to-end security, with an encrypted database for tamper-proof credentials.

Centralized Collection

Receive documents from third parties, high schools, higher education institutions and more, right into one unified inbox. Streamline your workflows with batch downloads and re-download documents when you need them.

Multiple License Types

Your volume and automation preferences determine the right Receive License for you. Don't settle for out-of-the-box. See which License is right for you.

Parchment Reserve Fund

Pre-pay for orders by depositing money into your Reserve Fund and eliminate the need to enter credit card information every time you order on behalf of another.

The Power Of The Network

Parchment is the system trusted by institutions & individuals every time they interact with their credentials. Start receiving those credentials from the high schools & colleges already sending them.

Parchment Receive has low-cost subscriptions for Non-Academic organizations.

For Those Receiving Fewer Than 500 Documents Annually

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