Due to the fact that you cannot physically return an electronic transcript/document, Parchment does NOT provide refunds. We will, however, gladly work with you to help resolve any technical difficulties you may experience regarding your ordering or opening of your electronic transcript/document.

Please see the FAQ’s on your transcript-ordering portal prior to contacting Customer Support as solutions to most potential technical issues can be found there.

As a further clarification, the following do NOT constitute valid reasons for refunds:

  • An institution does not accept your electronic Certified PDF Transcript. In 2019 we delivered to 7,341 organizations across sectors, both within network and repeat open destinations and are substantially more secure than paper transcripts. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient of your electronic transcript will accept a transcript in this format.
  • You cannot open a Certified PDF Transcript. The FAQ’s on your transcript ordering portal provide detailed instructions on how to download and open an electronic transcript. We delivered more than 20 million transcripts in 2019.
  • The electronic transcripts have restrictions placed on them which may impact when they expire, whether or not they can be printed and/or whether or not they have watermarks across the face of the transcript. These policies are determined by the particular institution that you attended and are incorporated as part of all electronic transcripts from this institution.
  • You cannot print the electronic transcript properly on your computer. Electronic transcripts are made printable based on the policy of the institution that you attended and are tested for the appropriate printing policy prior to being made available to you. If you experience problems printing, please check the FAQs on your transcript ordering portal or contact Customer Support.


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