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Belleville East High School Dist. 201 has partnered with Parchment to send your official transcript quickly and securely to outside institutions. Please note the following important information: • As of November 2, 2019, transcript records include any test scores we have on file. However, it is your responsibility when requesting to send your transcript to review and ensure your test results are included on your transcript. • Transcript requests are free during your senior year. On August 1st, following graduation, there is a fee of $5.00 assessed to send your transcripts. • All orders are processed during normal school business hours. Parchment transcript requests may take up to 3-5 processing days. Please allow enough processing time to meet your scholarship or college entry deadlines. Thank you! Attention Class of 2020: Final transcripts must be requested. Parchment does NOT automatically send your final transcript. It is your responsibility to request where your transcript is sent. Students who are 18 years and older may request their transcripts. However, if a learner is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian MUST sign the consent to authorize the release of records. If you are requesting your final transcript BEFORE mid-June (approx. time frame when final transcript grades are posted,) you must check the “Hold for Final Grades” checkbox. Otherwise, your transcript will be sent upon request date and you will have to request to send another transcript after final transcript grades have been uploaded/posted.

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