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Transcripts will still be processed during normal business hours. Final transcripts will NOT be ready until June 15 or 2 days after you receive report cards in the mail. As directed by the superintendent, we will NOT release digital copies of official transcripts to personal emails. Active students will need to obtain a hard copy from the school registrar. Alumni, please see below for more information regarding your transcripts. 2020 SENIORS: • Final transcripts must be requested. Parchment does NOT automatically send your final transcript. It is your responsibility to request the transcript. • If you are requesting your final transcript before mid-June when grades are posted, you must check the Hold for Final Grades checkbox. Otherwise, your transcript will be incomplete and you will have to send another one. • Transcript requests are free during your senior year. On August 1st, following graduation, there will be a fee of $5.00 associated with sending your transcripts. ALUMNI • Alumni will either need to place an order for their transcript through Parchment or contact the District 201 office located at 920 N Illinois St in Belleville. TEST SCORES: • SAT scores from the school-wide testing day in April will be included on transcripts unless you notify the registrar that you opt-out of including test scores on the transcript. Other test scores from National SAT and ACT test dates may not automatically be included. Students should review their transcripts to determine if all needed test scores are included prior to sending transcripts. If you determine that a score is not on your transcript and you would like it to be, please stop by the counselors’ office and we will see if we can assist you. For further assistance email the school registrar at Staff will be checking their emails regularly during the closure.

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