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Office Closed for Genoa-Kingston High School


The Student Services Office will be closed from July 1st through August 3rd. If you absolutely need to order your transcript and have it sent before this date, ordering online via Parchement would be the quicker way to get your request processed. Thank you.

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Welcome to Parchment. We offer this service to make ordering transcripts and/or Immunization Records easier for you and easier for our organization to get your records quickly and safely to their destinations. You will need to register to be able to send theses records from our system. You may use a credit card to pay Parchment directly online and we get the message. You can also still drop in to the guidance and get it on the spot. Please bring a photo ID and $2 cash/check per transcript, $3 for immunizations. (we do not take credit cards for this process yet at the high school.) If you are a current student, you must pay $1 in the Guidance Office for up to 5 transcripts to the destinations of your choice. Place your order, but they must still be approved by our office. If you are a GRADUATED student: Parchment does does have credit card payment options available, with a minimal required online Parchment fee. You can also stop in to the Guidance Office and pick up an official transcript for $2, Immunizations for $3. Thank you

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