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3900 E Raab Rd, Normal, IL 61761-9487

Office Closed for Normal Community High School


Please note that I will be out of the office and no Parchment requests will be processed during this timeframe.

A message from Normal Community High School


Welcome to Parchment Send Service. If you need assistance, click the ? at the top of this page for help. FOR NEW LEARNER ACCOUNTS: -Make sure to enter your LEGAL first and last name (as they appear on your birth certificate) -Use your graduation year or the last year you completed at NCHS in the "Last Year Attended" entry If any of the information you enter is incorrect (and therefore does not match the school's records), the Registrar will deny your request. NOTE: Please check your fees in Infinite Campus before placing a transcript order. If you owe any fees to Unit 5, your transcript order will be cancelled and you will have to resubmit after the fees are paid. Please pay all fees through Rev Track before placing Parchment transcript orders. ATTENTION: Official Trancripts include the student's immunization record, therefore a separate request for immunizations is not needed. If you submit a request separately for an immunization record, you will be charged by Parchment.

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