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IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please Read! Hello West Fargo High School students and alumni! West Fargo High School offers this service to make ordering transcripts easier for you. Parchment is efficient and will deliver your transcript to the colleges you choose in the format colleges prefer, all with real-time tracking. Transcripts are sent through Parchment in a manner compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) using the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that powers today's online banking solutions. In addition to colleges, you may use Parchment to send transcripts to the NCAA. However, to send a transcript to the NAIA, the NAIA requires you to use Please allow 2 school days for transcript requests to be processed. Questions or problems? Contact the WFHS counseling office at 701-356-2055. During June-July, the counseling office is closed; please allow 7 days for transcript requests to be processed. HELPFUL TIPS: 1. When creating a Parchment account for the first time, be sure to use your personal email address (NOT your school email address), as your WFHS student email account will become inactive after you graduate. If you created your account using your WFHS student email address, be sure to update your account with your personal email account! To update your Parchment email address, go to for details. Also, ATTENTION PARENTS, it is best for students to create their own Parchment account (with their own email and password). This avoids account duplication problems within Parchment and allows students to use Parchment for themselves. Once students turn 18 years old, parents are no longer able to use Parchment. 2. Always submit your college application BEFORE you request your transcript through Parchment. 3. Request a copy of your transcript for yourself and review your transcript carefully. It is important for you to check that your transcript is accurate. Did you retake a class and receive a higher grade? Does your transcript reflect your highest ACT scores? Contact the WFHS counseling office if you have questions about the information on your transcript. 4. Attention Seniors: To complete your enrollment, your college/university will expect to receive your FINAL high school transcript AFTER GRADUATION. Follow these directions to request your "Final Transcript": On the SELECT DESTINATION page, choose the college/university. Then under "When do you want this sent?", select the "Hold for Grades" option. Final transcripts for the most recent graduating class will be sent to colleges/universities by June 15. Note: If you have already graduated from WFHS, select "Send Now" (not "Hold for Grades") to have your final transcript sent to a college/university. 5. ACT scores appear on the bottom of your WFHS transcript. To obtain and/or send your official ACT score report, go to 6. To obtain and/or send your SAT or AP test scores, go to

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