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Welcome to the custom BHS-Parchment Exchange! Berryhill is offering this service to make ordering transcripts easier for our students and alumni. Use this service as a more efficient way to view and/or send copies of your current and final transcripts by email, by portal, or by mail. Parchment's secure document servers will deliver your transcripts to the colleges and employers you choose, in the format they prefer. REMINDER: Transcripts are not processed during school breaks or emergency/weather closures. Orders placed during those times will be processed the next business day after school resumes. WHO IS THIS SERVICE FOR? 1) STUDENTS (FREE) = CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS UNTIL AUG 1st FOLLOWING GRADUATION. 2) ALUMNI/GRADUATES (FEE) = MEMBERS OF THE CLASSES OF 1960 AND UP TO THE MOST RECENT GRADUATED CLASS. IS PARCHMENT FREE? Only to currently enrolled students until August 1st after graduation. For alumni there will be fees, most fees when triggered will range from $3.00 and up per request. Fee payment requires a bank/credit card for online payment at the time of order. DO YOU NEED ORDER HELP? For technical issues with your Parchment access, your Parchment profile or Parchment order processing, please seek help through the Parchment "Support" link located in the top right corner of the screen. If answers are not found on the Support page, click the "Contact Us" link and follow instructions to explain the issue. THIRD PARTY VERIFICATIONS… Degree verifications are used by human resource departments, background check companies, or even other academic institutions to confirm the learner’s education background. Enrollment verifications are similarly helpful, as they illustrate the enrollment status, courses, and in some cases grades. Knowing this information can help with student loans or discounts, transcript verification, or probably most importantly, loan deferment. Third parties, including employers, scholarship providers, parents and others who need to order official records, including enrollment or degree verifications. Most third party verification fees, when triggered, will range from $15 and up per request. Fee payments require a bank/credit card for online payment at the time of order. *ALUMNI GRADUATES PRIOR TO 1960: • Your transcript is not available electronically on Parchment at this time. • Your transcript is only available in paper copy in the BHS Main Office archives. • Orders are placed with (1) an official form, (2) proof of identification (copy of state ID or driver’s license), and (3) fee payment of $5.00. • There is a 7-10 working day process time from the date the request is received by the Counseling Office. • For questions contact Tonya Williams, Berryhill High School Counseling Assistant or 918-445-6003

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