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Welcome to Parchment, We currently offer transcript and Education Verification services for current and alumni students. At the current time, students who attended or graduated from any D.V.U.S.D. high school PRIOR to 2007 are unable to request transcripts directly through Parchment. Third parties asking for transcripts or a graduation verification for students PRIOR to 2007 are unable to request them directly through Parchment. You will need to contact the District Office directly at 623-445-5000 and ask for the Archived Records Department. If we are able to obtain the requested records, you will be redirected to Parchment to place your order and pay the fees for the requested transcript/graduation verification. Transcripts - can be delivered to colleges, employers, and to yourself with the information securely verified. All student transcripts can be either sent electronically or by mail. You will be able to choose your preferred method of delivery. Your account needs to be set up with the name you had when you were a student at MRHS and the year that you would have graduated or last attended. Your request will not be processed if the information provided is inaccurate. Third party verifications - you will upload your company documents with the information you are requesting along with the electronic signature page showing permission to release information from us to you for the individual. If you have any questions about Parchment, select the "help" link above.

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