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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REQUESTORS, PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF YOU NEED A TRANSCRIPT FOR DACA, DO NOT USE PARCHMENT! IF YOU NEED A TRANSCRIPT TO BE SENT TO TEXAS A & M DO NOT USE PARCHMENT! Please email Miss Kim at for assistance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHEN CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT PLEASE USE THE NAME THAT YOU WERE ENROLLED WITH WHILE ATTENDING VALLEY VIEW HIGH SCHOOL or be sure to list your maiden name. No nicknames, abbreviations or shortened names (i.e., Kim instead of Kimberly). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF YOU GRADUATED/LAST ATTENDED VVHS BEFORE 2002, you can still request an official transcript via Parchment but you must provide a mailing address to send the transcript to. Your transcript cannot and will not be uploaded to Parchment. The registrar can only email you an unofficial transcript. If you need to put a rush on the order AND you still live in the Moreno Valley area, please email first. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF YOU GRADUATED/LAST ATTENDED VVHS BEFORE 2002 AND YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR TRANSCRIPT SENT OVERNIGHT, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT USING PARCHMENT. Instead, you will have to mail a prepaid USPS/FedEx/UPS sticker to VVHS along with a copy of your ID, phone number or email address and a brief letter requesting an overnight transcript. Mail the sticker to Valley View High School 13135 Nason Street ATTN: Registrar's Office, Moreno Valley, CA 92555. You will be contacted by the registrar as soon as your prepaid sticker has arrived. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YOU CANNOT ORDER A NEW DIPLOMA FROM PARCHMENT! Valley View HS does not keep copies of diplomas either. If you've lost your diploma and need a replacement, you must order it directly from Valley View High School. Please come to the VVHS Guidance Office and ask for Ms. Kim Johnson. You will need a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $40 to pay for the replacement diploma. It will take 4-6 weeks to arrive at your home. Unfortunately, there is no way to rush diploma orders. :( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF YOUR STUDENT IS BEING TRANSFERRED TO A NEW SCHOOL PLEASE DO NOT USE PARCHMENT TO REQUEST TRANSCRIPTS! Please come to the VVHS Guidance Office to withdraw your student from school. Your student's official transcript will be mailed to their new high school upon request. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF YOU HAVE FEES OWED OR BOOKS PAST DUE your transcript will be placed on hold until these are cleared AND the registrar notified. You can contact the Ms. Kim Johnson at (951) 571-4850 extension 34019 or by email at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DO YOU NEED A TRANSCRIPT FOR A SCHOLARSHIP? Contact Ms. Kim Johnson FIRST before you request your transcript. You can do this by visiting her in the VVHS Guidance Office or by emailing her at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **IF YOU EXPERIENCE ORDERING PROBLEMS Email or click on the question mark in the upper right hand side of the webpage. Please use the tracking feature to check the status of your order in Parchment.

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