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Welcome, current and former Antlers who are ordering transcripts. To use this service, choose “New Learner Account”. Create an account using an email other than your school email as this will expire when you graduate. Here, you can order a transcript for yourself to use for college apps, scholarship apps, sorority/fraternity rush, a car insurance discount, etc. You can also choose to send your transcript to colleges, coaches, employers, etc. This is a FREE SERVICE while you are a student. Once you graduate, the service begins at $3.95. If you are current student applying to a college via THE COMMON APP: List your Counselor’s email in your Common Application portal as contact for your transcript. ==== HELPFUL LINK REGARDING EMAILS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT !! How to Add and Edit Learner Emails in a Parchment Account (see link below): This is for those of you who already made your account with a school email address, but you can still access your account. This is a key step in updating to a personal email. You will want to do this before your school email expires when you graduate or exit the school for other reasons! You can also correct the spelling of your name (as it appeared when you graduated), etc, in case you initially set it up incorrectly. ===== If you have any questions about Parchment, or are having problems setting up an account, contact Parchment (link to follow). If you are a former student who registered initially with a school email (and it has now expired and you have forgotten your password), you will have to contact Parchment to have that email released so you can create a new account with a new email. Contact Parchment at:

I am interested in being discovered by colleges, universities, and other organizations through Parchment and its partners for academic purposes, including recruitment. Find out more about being discovered through Parchment.

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