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2023 WINTER/SPRING GRADUATES: Please remember to request an official transcript by July 31st of 2023 for free transcript requests. Starting August 1st all transcript requests for Winter or Spring 2023 Graduates will have a small fee. SCCA uses Parchment to send transcripts for post-secondary purposes only. If you are trying to request a transcript to be sent to another elementary, middle, high school or adult education center, please contact our Registrar, Ms. Kelli Powers at 803-212-4712. If you are a GRADUATE from school year 2021-2022, make sure that you put your leave/grad year as 2022. If you are a 22-23 SENIOR, make sure that you put your leave/grad year as 2023, even if you are a Winter Graduate. If you have any questions about sending your transcript, please contact Lindsey French, Counseling Specialist through webmail or at 803-212-4712.

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