10 Things Every High School Counselor Should Tell Their Students About Transcripts

10 Things HS Counselors Should Tell Their Students About Transcripts

High school transcripts include lots of information. What does it all mean, and how do scholarship awards committees and college admissions officers use the data to make decisions? We asked one of the most engaged administrators in the Parchment network, Dr. Brett Morris, Executive Director for Enrollment Management at Eastern Kentucky University. When it comes […]

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7 Tips for Institutions Preparing to Transition from Paper to Digital

paper to digital transcript request

At Parchment, we’ve helped hundreds of institutions around the country make the switch from paper to digital transcripts. There’s good reason to do so: Not only are digital transcripts easier to compile and send, they also cost less and integrate with other systems for producing valuable data about the educational experience. We’ve learned a lot […]

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Why Students, Employers and Schools Need to Move Faster To Make Stackable Credentials Available to All

While there’s no disputing the value of a college degree when it comes to earning potential, nearly three-quarters of grads end up working in a field that’s unrelated to what they studied in school. Liberty Street Economics made that forecast after studying Census Data from 2010.1 Academics have spent the years since discussing ways to […]

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How Education Elevates the Middle Class and Creates a Stronger Economy

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A college degree isn’t as common as you might think. In fact, according to the Economic Policy Institute, only 34.9 percent of working Americans have a four-year college degree. Some states are more educated than others. For example, Massachusetts and The District of Columbia are particular draws for grads, with 49 percent and 66.3 percent, […]

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How New Mexico Is Leading an Education Revolution

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In the United States, our education environments have historically been regionally focused.  From curriculum development to data sharing between institutions, public school districts and postsecondary institutions have operated with a narrow focus.  This regional focus has produced unintended results: a more challenging environment for the learner. New Mexico schools have taken an unprecedented approach to […]

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How Receiving Credentials from China Works


Chinese students represent the largest population of foreign nationals seeking a postsecondary education in the United States. In the 2014-15 academic year, 304,040 students from China were studying in the United States. That adds up to a lot of credentials heading into US admissions offices. If your institution is one of the many receiving applications […]

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Parchment Summit: Conversations in Credentialing


Innovating the form and function of academic credentials has never been a more important conversation for higher education.The credentials they historically confer include information that is  becoming archaic to learners and employers. Introduced in 2016, the Parchment Summit on Innovating Academic Credentials was designed to foster collaboration between higher education leaders, employers and others that […]

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Inside Look: Parchment Affiliate Partner Program

affiliate program

In September 2015, Parchment launched its Affiliate Partner Program, introducing Parchment services to more learners through the tools they are already using to navigate their journey into higher education. The established leader in digital credential ordering, Parchment reduces the complexity in the path to completing the college application process. Organizations currently engaging learners on their […]

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Illinois Learners Expand Reach, Broaden Horizons with Renewal of Parchment eTranscript Service

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Helping to make college accessible and affordable for students statewide. That’s the mission of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). And the organization has been very busy doing just that since 1957.  One of their more recent initiatives? Going digital with student transcripts, achieved by partnering with Parchment in 2011. Now, based on the success […]

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