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Student Mobility

Streamline administrative workflows for students.

Parchment Pathways is a suite of student mobility products designed to expand academic opportunity by simplifying and streamlining course sharing, credit transfer, dual enrollment, and transcript processing.

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Benefits of our Student Mobility products.

Simplify and streamline administrative workflows while providing students faster admissions decisions, more academic options, and a better credit transfer experience to increase on-time completion.

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Get admissions decisions to your applicants faster

Speed up admissions decisions by getting all your transcripts in one unified inbox, automatically routing incoming documents, and automating time-consuming transcript data entry.

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Expand academic opportunity by sharing courses

Provide students more course options and make it easy to find and register for transferable courses across multiple institutions.

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Ensure every transfer credit counts

Manage course equivalencies more efficiently, automate articulation workflows, and help students find transferable courses that will count toward completion.


Streamline the dual enrollment experience

Manage course availability more effectively, automate approval workflows, and make it easy for high school students to find and register for dual-credit courses.

220+ institutions are improving student success with Pathways.












Innovative Student Mobility solutions for institutional & student success.


Drive institutional innovation

  • Improve retention by offering more sections that meet degree requirements
  • Increase equity and access by offering more diverse courses from partner institutions
  • Reduce costs by automating time-consuming processes

Empower students to succeed

  • Stay on track and graduate faster with more course options
  • Expand academic opportunity with access to a wider array of courses and programs
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Simplify collaboration across institutions

  • Control availability by course, school, and section
  • Automate registration, enrollment, and payment
  • Speed up workflows by integrating securely with your SIS and other IT infrastructure
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Streamline articulation management

  • Create efficiencies by centralizing course and articulation information in a single system
  • Save time by automating time-consuming evaluation, change, and approval workflows
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Keep equivalency information current

  • Simplify faculty reviews with one-click approval or expiration
  • Publish updates immediately and log all changes and reviews
  • Process credit evaluation requests faster by enabling students to attach syllabi and notes

Improve the transfer experience

  • Increase transparency with online, searchable access to equivalency information
  • Prevent credit loss by helping students see how courses will transfer before they take them
  • Improve on-time completion by making it easy to find transferable courses that meet requirements

Create institutional efficiency

  • Make it easier to manage course inventory for high school students
  • Save time by automating time-consuming processes
  • Build a pipeline of students with credits earned toward a post-secondary degree or credential

Improve student outcomes

  • Expand academic opportunity by empowering students to pursue a broader array of courses while in high school
  • Deliver a seamless experience that makes it easy to find eligible courses, request approvals, and register, all in one solution

Simplify dual enrollment management

  • Centralize course offerings and control availability by course, school, and section
  • Route, track, and log approvals automatically
  • Automate enrollment, registration, and payment processing if required

One simple place to receive and automate your transcripts

  • Unified Inbox for fast and efficient application completion
  • Store all received records for as long as you need
  • Create custom filtering to find documents faster
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Route application documents to admissions tools 

  • Process applications faster with workflow automation
  • Automatically route records and incoming files according to custom rules
  • Get touch-free transcript import options with partner connectors
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Help move the application along

  • Request transcripts for students who have already applied but haven’t completed all document requirements
  • Remove financial barriers associated with ordering transcripts 
  • Quickly match applications to transcripts received with their application number
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Save time by removing manual transcript data entry

  • Process applications faster by receiving transcript data directly into your SIS
  • Receive and process PDFs into data without lifting a finger using OCR technology that learns as more transcripts are received
  • Verify and move transcript data into SIS with one click
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Better admissions decisions with more data

  • Extract more data from incoming transcripts
  • Use data to more fully understand every applicant
  • Find best-fit students faster with access to more data
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Give the best student experience

  • Make faster decisions by removing your transcript processing backlog with an almost fully automated process
  • Reduce student wait times without making manual entry errors
  • Hit the quick timelines your students need to plan their next steps
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The University of Houston-Downtown used an out-dated, inefficient imaging system to intake transcripts. The inefficiency in processing transcripts burdened staff while making UHD less competitive. Find out how UHD streamlined their process, reduced stress on staff and sped up admissions decisions.

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Case Studies

Learn how Parchment enabled quicker admissions decisions with Automated Transcript Processing

What educational institutions are saying…

“Quottly, now part of Parchment, is deeply skilled at working with large, multi-institutional teams to find creative solutions for tough problems, and all in the name of improving the experience for our current and prospective students. I could not be more pleased with our partnership.”


Joseph Thiel

Director of Academic Policy and Research, Montana University System

“For the USM and our 12 universities, this new platform is a game-changer.”

Jay A. Perman

Chancellor, University System of Maryland

Expand academic opportunity and help students succeed.

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