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Let Your Students Tell Their Story to Employers With A Holistic Learner Record

A traditional transcript is limited in the ways that it can communicate a learner’s education. Higher education institutions are looking to Comprehensive Learner Records (CLRs) to help their learners shape their choices as they progress through their degree, as well as better represent their experiences at their institution.

CLR Example

“[A CLR] is fundamental to helping students tell their story in a way that employers can understand and that they have the ability to be successful. Parchment is helping us do that.”

Elon University

Dr. Rodney Parks

University Registrar, Assistant Vice President, and Assistant Professor at Elon University


Better Align Learner Experiences to Workforce Needs

Help employers understand what skills and competencies your learners bring to the table by better representing their experiences and abilities through a CLR.


Guide All Learners Towards Post-Academic Success

Bridge the gap between the skills your learners have and what they need to get that job. Parchment CLRs let you guide learners towards meeting job requirements while they are still forming their skillset.


Increase Retention by Showing Progress Towards Goals

Encourage learners to complete their degree by showing their progress towards their goal. A Parchment CLR grows with a learner and gives them a finish line they can reach for.


Drive Learner Adoption Using Institutionally Proven Processes

As part of CLR Services, we offer consulting to ensure that the learnings we have acquired through having the largest network of CLR issuers help your institution successfully deploy a new credential.

Plan. Design. Issue.

CLR Services is the first solution that helps institutions from planning to planning to deployment. We understand that CLRs are new to a lot of institutions and our platform makes planning, designing, and issuing simple. By offering a library of predefined modules for common types of data, we offer you a quick way to get up and running with the data you have.

CLR Readiness Steps

Why higher education systems
and consortia choose Parchment CLR Services


CLR Consulting

We work with institutions at different stages of their CLR creation process. That’s why Parchment CLR Services includes consulting services to help you through the process of creating your CLR plan and executing on it, no matter which stage you are at.


Data Upload

Parchment supports you through the process of uploading your learning experiences and outcomes data into CLR Services. Whether it’s academic, competency, or co-curricular learner data, CLR Services easily feeds your data into the modules of your customized credential.


CLR Design

You don’t need to be a designer to have a beautifully designed credential! We work with you to build a CLR that comprehensively represents your students and your institution using visually stunning customizable modules.


Credential Design Library

Generated documents are saved to your Parchment library for easy access and issuance. From the library, you can preview your credential design and continue to use customized designs in your library with new or updated learner data.


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Higher Education Institutions


Post-Secondary Learners




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GED/HiSET Jurisdictions

Looking to help your students stand out to employers? Interested in creating a credential that better represents a learner’s experiences?


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