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At Parchment, our mission is to turn credentials into opportunities. Parchment helps learners, academic institutions, and employers request, verify, and receive transcripts, diplomas, and other credentials through a comprehensive platform.

track student transcripts across your life journey
track student transcripts across your life journey
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Students have many pathways. Schools need to support them no matter where they are going. Parchment makes it simple. From one platform, administrators can securely send and receive student credentials like transcripts, transfer records, and college application documents in a few clicks.

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District Transfer

Securely centralize, manage, and track requests for student transfer documents without the hassle. With Parchment District Transfer, you can ensure learner records don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Records Digitization 

Stop stressing about the safety of your paper records. Parchment Records Digitization is a comprehensive record scanning and indexing service that transforms your legacy student records into indexed digital files.

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Students earn many credentials on the way to their degree.

Support them with the most modern credentialing platform that helps you issue transcripts, diplomas, digital badges, certificates, CLRs, and other credentials, all from one place.

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Find the best fit students and then enroll with ease with Parchment.

Expand your recruiting pool and automate your incoming transcript processes to admit more students faster with Parchment’s secure, digital platform.

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Student Mobility

The student pathway is changing. Create new avenues to degree completion.

Parchment helps higher education systems, consortia, and institutions expand academic opportunity, solve transfer challenges, and drive efficiency in their enrollment and student success workflows.

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State Agencies

Support student pathways across every high school and higher education institution in your state. With a single, trusted platform, admins and learners benefit from a single place to seamlessly exchange digital credentials.

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High School Equivalency

Open new doors for learners who have completed their high school equivalency exam. In partnership with HiSET® and GED®, Parchment makes it easier for students to request and send their high school equivalency credentials.

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It’s hard to keep up with transcripts that arrive over email or mail. Receive all your official documentation in one easy-to-use, secure inbox. With Parchment, you can also issue certifications and digital badges quickly through a single platform.

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Whether you’re looking to accelerate your business, upskill your workforce, recognize achievement, or increase the visibility of your programs, Parchment helps you issue digital industry certifications, badges, and certificates on the most comprehensive platform in the world.

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Are you a professional association, business, training provider, certification provider, or talent organization? We have a solution for you. Securely issue and receive verified credentials, such as digital badges, certificates, and certifications in one easy-to-use, online place.

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Drive employee engagement and motivate top talent with digital badges for professional development. Discover automated compliance reporting and meaningful insights that allow you to make data-based decisions immediately.


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Launch a national network

We help our partners create unified communities for credential exchange within their countries or regions. With national projects already launched in EMEA, APAC, and North America, Parchment knows how to deliver large, multi-site, national projects at scale, on time, and on budget.

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Issue globally recognized credentials

Issue, verify, and receive digital credentials, such as transcripts, digital badges, and certifications with the most trusted credential management platform in the world. With Parchment Digitary, learners have a single place where they can instantly access and share all of their digital academic documents.

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Join the largest credential network in the world

Support student mobility by joining the world’s largest credential network. With 6 countries already using Parchment Digitary, we continue to help universities and academic organisations empower their students across the globe.

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165M+ credentials & 2M+ GED® & HiSET® records exchanged and counting across…


K-12 School Districts


Higher Education Institutions






GED® &  HiSET® Jurisdictions


State Initiatives

When you join Parchment, you become a member of the largest interconnected network of learners, schools, institutions, state agencies, and employers in the world.

Discover the Power of the Network

Why Parchment

Credentials for the modern world.

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Exchanging credentials with Parchment opens doors

Our mission is to turn credentials into opportunities by supporting learners at any age or stage in their journey. Our digital-first credentials are shareable, efficient, and secure – providing modern support for the modern learner through every lesson or experience.

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Student records management platform

Join the largest credential exchange in the world

When it comes to exchanging credentials quickly and securely, bigger really is better. Parchment is the only all-in-one credentialing platform, empowering users to issue, collect, and process credentials across 4 major regions worldwide.

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FERPA compliant student records management platform

Keep student information private and secure

The privacy and security of student information comes first. Parchment’s global security protocols and standards are second to none, allowing users to exchange and verify credentials with confidence.

Forsyth County Schools logo

99% decrease in response time

Forsyth County Schools was looking for an online product that enabled them to connect with their student information system and allow multiple schools to assist with the processing of transcripts. Parchment was the answer they were looking for.


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Towson University logo

$0 cost to the institution solution

Towson was looking for a modern student credentialing experience that wouldn’t break the bank. Parchment’s all-in-one platform for transcripts and diplomas has helped Towson eliminate manual processes, offer an online storefront, and even made it possible for their it transcripts to cover the cost of their diplomas.


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University of Texas Arlington logo

From 20 days to same-day processing

The University of Texas at Arlington wanted to move inbound transcript and document processing online. Parchment significantly decreased document processing time, which led to faster application processing and a better student and applicant experience.


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Case Studies

A better student experience doesn’t require a bigger budget.


What members are saying…

“We are preserving our data in a way that we can manipulate it by being able to index it, so it’s searchable. But most important of all is that we are servicing our customers the way they are accustomed to doing things – online.”

Helena Public School - logo

Betsy Allen

Office Manager, Helena High School

“Parchment gives us some breathing room and makes everything more manageable. Instead of students filling out paperwork, we just send them online. That cuts out phone calls and office visits, which frees up time and money in my department.”

Walla Walla Community College logo

Erika Bockmann

Assistant Director of Admissions, Walla Walla Community College

“As we looked at the cost of fulfilling credentials through our previous vendor, the Parchment cost model just looked better for us. And that always means savings for our students.”

Ivy Tech Community College - logo

Kara Monroe

Provost and SVP for Student and Academic Success, Ivy Tech Community College

“How great is it for people to be able to post their diploma on Facebook, Twitter, and all their social media accounts? You can’t pay for that marketing.”

bgsu logo

Michelle Rable

University Registrar, Bowling Green State University

“Students and families have seen more streamlined, easy-to-use service through Parchment. Parchment makes the document request process easy for all.”

Mesa Public Schools Student Transcripts

Michael Garcia, Ed.D.

Director of Opportunity and Achievement, Mesa Public Schools

“Parchment is a great tool with great benefits. I wish we had done this a long time ago. The big thing in our office is the elimination of file cabinets. We no longer have applicant files. Everything is online. Information is at our fingertips.”

Ball State University Logo

Brad Hostetler

Director of Admissions Operations and Technology, Ball State University

“Parchment is unique with regard to support and continuity. When we started working with them, we shared our goals, both short- and long-term and they really took that seriously. They became an active partner and collaborator, helping us achieve those goals. It was almost as if they were less of a vendor and more of an internal partner.”

Temple University logo

Bhavesh Bambrholia

University Registrar, Temple University

What will you do with the power of Parchment?

registrar reviewing student transcripts