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Higher Ed Student Mobility

Dual Enrollment Management Platform for Higher Education

As dual enrollment continues to grow, it is creating more student pipeline for higher ed. But dealing with manual processes can feel like dual enrollment is double the effort. You need an easier way to grow your program, and Parchment can help!

Student Dual Enrollment UI

An Easier, More Efficient
Dual-Enrollment Solution

Traditional processes for managing dual enrollment can be a hassle for higher ed staff and can lead to lost opportunity for learners:
  • Error-prone paperwork
  • Manual communications
  • Unclear transferability information 

Parchment Dual Enrollment is the fully digital solution for the future – a streamlined, easy-to-use experience empowering schools and students alike.

Say Goodbye to
Manual Processes

Save time, eliminate tedious paperwork, and reduce stress with secure and seamless SIS integration. Automate approval workflows, enrollment, and registration, so your team can focus on growing enrollments and increasing your student pipeline.

Simplify Inventory
and Enrollment

Manage dual-enrollment offerings more efficiently with the ability to control course and section availability. Optimize student enrollments and registrations with real-time seat counts, while using enrollment and completion data for effective planning.

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Set Students Up
for Success

Provide students a better experience that enables them to find and register for courses that will transfer and count toward degree requirements – so they can get the most out of their dual enrollment and increase their chances of success.

Increase Enrollment Pipeline

Scale your program efficiently with streamlined workflows and optimized inventory. Many students attend the college at which they take their dual-enrollment courses, so supporting more students means more enrollment pipeline for your institution.

Dual Enrollment Creates
Student Pipeline for Higher Ed



of dual-enrollment students continue on to college


of those attend the college at which they took their dual-enrollment courses

CCRC, 2017

Maximize Your Student Enrollment With These Powerful Platform Features

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Student Dual Enrollment - Simple Secure Integrations

Simple, Secure Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with most SIS platforms and payment processors to improve and streamline the experience for all – added secure SSO integration eliminates more hurdles to student enrollment and processing than ever before.

Automated Workflows

Cut processing times so you can spend more time growing your program. Automated enrollment, registration, and email and text notifications that enable one-click approvals for parents/guardians, counselors, and school representatives make your job easier.

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Customizable Course Inventory

Maximize transferability by curating specific courses for dual enrollment, while controlling inventory down to the section level and using real-time data to effectively optimize enrollment and registration from individual high schools.

A Seamless Student Experience

Help students stay focused on the challenges in the classroom by making the rest of their dual-enrollment experience a breeze with a mobile-friendly, seamless course discovery, approval, and registration experience.

Dual Enrollment - Seamless Student Experience
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Security and Privacy

As a trusted intermediary for our members and learners, the security of learner data is paramount. That’s why we promote a culture of awareness and embed security controls and policies at every point in the Parchment ecosystem.

  • SOC 2, Type 2 compliance 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance 
  • FERPA-compliant policies in our products 
  • Dedicated internal security team

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Ready to Optimize
Dual Enrollment?

Make it easier to grow your dual-enrollment program and increase your student pipeline.
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