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Receive Premium + Data Automation for higher education

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual transcript data entry and hello to an easier and faster workflow by combining Parchment Receive Premium with the powerful Data Automation add-on.

  • Time-saving automation
  • Comprehensive data for decision-making
  • Accelerated admissions decisions = increased admit yield

Eliminate manual transcript data entry once and for all

Manually inputting transcript data from PDFs is a painful and time-consuming process that can
delay credit evaluation and admissions decisions. With Parchment, you can accurately extract and ingest
transcript data into your admissions system, SIS, or CRM in just a few clicks.


Process transcripts faster

Save admissions staff countless hours of time spent on tedious data entry and shift resources to more impactful tasks.


Make more informed admissions decisions

Extract more details from student transcripts to gain a holistic view of your applicants and make sound admissions decisions.


Increase your admit yield

Process more transcripts in less time to speed up admissions decisions and engage with best-fit candidates earlier.

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Improve the student experience

Provide prospective students a better experience with your institution by eliminating manual processing errors and delivering admissions decisions faster.

What members are saying…

“Our speed from applicant to admit has drastically improved. Our data entry time has been cut in half and we’ve been able to get decisions out the door quicker.”


Christopher Mott

Director, Admissions Processing, Northern Arizona University

Discover how to improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency in your Admissions office

Why higher education institutions choose Parchment Receive Premium + Data Automation

Online Student Transcript Data Automation

Go beyond OCR

Combine optical character recognition (OCR) with built-in intelligent algorithms to automatically, and accurately, convert PDF transcripts to data without the need for tedious, manual data entry.

Student Transcript Data Automation Software

Receive transcripts as data

Receive transcript and application information as data files and eliminate the hassle of dealing with transcripts sent as structured text, CSV, EDI, and XML files.

Student Transcript Data Automation Platform

Get up and running quickly

Hosted in the cloud, Parchment Receive Premium + Data Automation is secure and straight-forward to implement, and provides out-of-the-box automation that quickly increases efficiency and cost-savings.

Process student transcripts in 3 easy steps

Student Transcript Data Automation Step 1

Receive a student’s transcript in your Parchment Receive Premium inbox.

Student Transcript Data Automation Step 2

Data Automation automatically extracts the transcript data.

Student Transcript Data Automation Step 3

Ingest the student data into your admissions system, SIS, or CRM.


“Before integrating [Data Automation, powered by Raptor] with Parchment Receive, we were completely underwater with processing transcripts, courses, and credit. We have saved countless hours and were able to shave a week off our decision time.”

Parchment Case Study - automating student transcript platform - University of Houston -Downtown

Lisa Lyle

Assistant Registrar, University of Houston Downtown

University of Houston reduces decision time by one week


Transcripts processed


Transcript processing improved


Hours saved

Ready to see transcript automation in action?

Learn more about the fastest transcript processing technology in higher ed


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