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When you join Parchment, you become a member of the largest interconnected network of learners, institutions, state agencies, organizations, and employers in the world. Every day, we connect the community around learners in innovative ways through the exchange of credentials.

Global Student and Alumni Credential Exchange

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Parchment’s network serves as the bridge between the educational and non-academic community, streamlining the global credential exchange, offering unmatched speed and security. And with the largest pool of K-12 schools, higher education, government institutions, organizations, and employers worldwide, Parchment’s network is the destination for issuing and receiving credential services, finding best fit students, and more.

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The Parchment network supports an unparalleled breadth of credential types, from dynamic digital degrees to comprehensive learner records, licensing boards, graduate admissions transfers, and more. If you can earn it, it can be sent or received with Parchment.

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Parchment’s network of partners, alongside our own Members, allows us to support 65% of all K-12 and Higher Education students in sending their credentials into a single, centralized solution. This lets Parchment’s network of academic institutions, government agencies, and workforce receivers have one unified inbox to securely and easily collect, manage, and organize credentials from nearly 23M learners.

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At Parchment, we strive to transform credentials into opportunities by supporting learners at any age or stage in their journey. Our digital-first credentials are shareable, efficient, and secure – providing modern support for the modern learner through every lesson or experience.

Network Impact

“We believe that the more widely Parchment’s platform is adopted and the more our network scales globally, the more efficient, convenient, secure, and effective those pathways can become.”

Matthew Pittinsky

CEO, Parchment

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One platform, every learning community

Parchment unifies your student's academic and professional credentials in one platform across all their education and training at any age or stage in their journey, from K-12 to higher education to the workforce.

One platform, every credential

Students can securely access and manage every type of credential in one place. Whether it’s a diploma or a leadership badge, Parchment helps learners tell their full story.

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One network that issues and receives

Interconnection is the power of the Parchment network, enabling interactions and exchanges between both issuers and receivers. So credentials are processed more efficiently, securely, and decisions are made faster.

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The most innovative credential platform

Our digital-first credentials are not only more secure, trackable, and shareable; they also provide a better representation of a learner’s journey. With rich, dynamic data students can share extended skills, competencies, and context with their social networks or prospective employer.

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The only global credential network

Parchment is the only all-in-one credentialing platform anywhere, empowering international student mobility and international learning opportunities by enabling users to issue, collect, and process credentials across 4 major regions worldwide.


The largest credential exchange network of learners, institutions, state agencies, and employers in the world.





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