Parchment Digitary Receiving.

Are you ready to simplify your institution’s document intake process, eliminate paperwork, and streamline communication with your applicants? Revolutionize how you receive and manage academic credentials and discover the future of efficient document management with Parchment Digitary Receive!

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Key Features


Effortless Document Intake

Parchment Digitary Receive simplifies the document intake process for educational institutions. Eliminate the need for physical paperwork and manual data entry and receive academic credentials directly from applicants, saving time and resources while ensuring accuracy.


Intelligent Matching and Verification

Leverage Parchment Digitary’s intelligent matching capabilities allows you to automatically match incoming documents with existing applicant records. With Recieve you’ll also reduce the risk of errors and eliminate duplication, ensuring efficient document management and a seamless applicant experience.


Streamlined Communication

Parchment Digitary Receive facilitates seamless communication between your institution and applicants. Share updates, request additional information, and provide notifications regarding document receipt and processing, ensuring transparency and timely communication throughout the evaluation process.

Receiving Partners

We have welcomed a number of partners onboard as receiving organisations utilising Parchment Digitary’s growing global network. Your organisation can join our growing number of partners featured on the network that 2M+ learners share their certified documents on directly. These parters include:

“Parchment Digitary Receive has significantly reduced our administrative burden. We now receive and process academic credentials seamlessly, ensuring a smooth experience for our applicants. Parchment Digitary Receive has revolutionized how we manage document intake.”

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How secure is the document reception process with Parchment Digitary Receive?

Parchment Digitary Receive utilizes industry-leading security measures to protect sensitive information. All data transmissions are encrypted, ensuring the privacy and integrity of documents. Designed with robust security protocols, our platform safeguards confidential applicant information.

Can Parchment Digitary Receive integrate with our existing student information system (SIS)?

Yes! Parchment Digitary Receive offers seamless integration with all major student information systems. Our technical team will work closely with your institution to ensure a smooth integration experience, enabling you to leverage the power of Parchment Digitary Receive within your existing infrastructure.

How does Parchment Digitary Receive improve efficiency in document management?

Parchment Digitary Receive automates the document intake process, eliminating manual data entry and paperwork. With intelligent matching and verification, you can quickly associate incoming documents with applicant records, reducing administrative burden and ensuring a streamlined document management workflow.

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