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Ordering your own credentials?

Find your school

Enter the school you are requesting your credential from. If your school or institution isn’t listed, check out this Support article.

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Create an account

Create an account or log in if you already have one. 

Quick tip: Your school will not be able to fulfill your order if you:

  • Enter the wrong address
  • Enter an incorrect date of birth
  • Enter a different name from the one used when you went to the school
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Place your order

It’s a breeze, just follow the step-by-step instructions.
Once your order is submitted, a request for fulfillment will be automatically sent to your school or institution. 

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Your school or institution will validate your order

Your school or institution will need to review your order before releasing your credential via the Parchment platform. The request processing time depends on your sending institution. Delivery time will vary depending on the sending method selected at the time your order. 

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Your credential(s) are fulfilled

Once you place your order and your request has been verified by the school, Parchment will fulfill and send your official document to your desired location.

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Ordering credentials on behalf of someone else?

Third-party ordering is for individuals who have consent to request records on behalf of a learner.

1. Find the school

Search for the school or institution the record belongs. Scroll to find our search bar below.

2. Create an account

Create a third-party account to begin ordering on behalf of someone.

3. Upload consent

Once logged in, upload the learner’s consent form.

4. Receive credentials

Once verified by the school, the official document will be sent to your desired location.

How long will it take to get my order?

Parchment always provides the latest status of all your orders in your Parchment account. Average order times are dependent on school sending, credential type, and delivery type.

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School Sending

Average school sending times vary based on the credential, from 2 business days to 18 days from when you request a credential. Note that sending times vary by school and can get delayed by a school’s inability to match your order to their records.


Credential Type

Different credentials (transcripts, replacement diplomas, enrollment verifications) take different times to process. Parchment will deliver credentials as soon as they are processed by the sending school.


Delivery Type

Electronic credentials are delivered as soon as the sending institution processes the request, often within one business day. Printed Transcript requests will typically be mailed within 1 business day. Processing time for printed diplomas is 7-21 business days. USPS domestic delivery is typically 3-5 days. Please allow additional time for credentials mailed via USPS International.

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