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Course Sharing for higher education

Expand your academic offerings and improve degree completion by collaboratively offering courses across partner institutions, a consortium, or a state system.

  • Increased on-time completion
  • Greater student retention
  • Time-saving automation

32% of college students take more than 6 years to graduate. Course sharing can change that.

As instructional costs rise and students’ demand for flexibility increases, it can feel impossible to expand
academic opportunities while staying within budget. Parchment Course Sharing is a flexible,
cost-effective, digital solution that enables you to collaboratively offer courses with partner institutions
that count for credit towards a student’s degree.


Help students finish faster

Eliminate students’ barriers to completing degree requirements by making it easy to find and register for transferable courses from partner institutions.


Improve student retention

Incentivize students to remain at your institution by providing them with streamlined access to additional options beyond your institution’s offerings.


Optimize resources

Create additional course inventory, maximize seat capacity, and control instructional costs by making courses available to learners at multiple institutions.


Save time with automation

Automate student enrollment, registration, and course catalog updates using secure integration with your SIS and other IT infrastructure.

What members are saying…

“Parchment is deeply skilled at working with large, multi-institutional teams to find creative solutions for tough problems, and all in the name of improving the experience for our current and prospective students. I could not be more pleased with our partnership.”

Montana University System (1)

Joseph Thiel

Director of Academic Policy and Research, Montana University System

Discover how course sharing can help more students graduate on time.

Why higher education institutions choose Parchment Course Sharing


Seamless SIS integrations

Cut processing times and streamline collaboration across institutions. Parchment Course Sharing securely integrates with multiple student information systems (SIS), payment processors, and single sign-on (SSO) authentication.


Customizable course catalog

Create a catalog of shared courses across institutions, complete with course and section details, course equivalencies, support for prerequisites, and real-time seat counts. You remain in control of branding, display order, and can even provide public access to attract prospective students.


Actionable data

Plan future course inventory using historical and real-time search, enrollment, and completion data. Define course availability down to the section level, and optimize your collaboration for maximum impact and efficiency.


Empowering student experience

Give students an easy-to-use, fully digital experience that simplifies course search, provides equivalency information, and automates enrollment and registration, all from within one platform.


Industry-leading security
and privacy

We prioritize the security of learner data and embed security controls and policies at every point in the Parchment ecosystem.

  • SOC 2, Type 2 compliant
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant
  • FERPA-compliant policies in all products
  • Dedicated internal security team

See how collaborative course sharing can boost student retention rates.


Join the largest credit and credential exchange network in the world


Higher Education Institutions


Post-Secondary Learners


State/System Initiatives



Course sharing cost-effectively improves retention and completion. Ready to see for yourself?


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