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Course Sharing

As instructional costs rise and student demand for flexibility increases, it can feel impossible to stay within budget while trying to expand academic opportunity and ensure students can graduate on time. But with Parchment, it isn’t just possible – it’s easier than ever before.

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A Proven Solution to Streamline Course Sharing

Parchment Course Sharing is a digital solution that enables state systems, consortia, and groups of institutions to collaboratively offer courses to each other’s students to count for credit at their home institution. 

By creating a shared catalog, streamlining inventory management, and automating complex workflows, Parchment delivers the functionality and flexibility you need to optimize collaboration, expand access to academic offerings, and improve on-time completion.

Help Students Finish Faster

Help students graduate faster with a digital-first experience that makes it easy to find and register for the courses they need, when they need them, from partner institutions. Eliminating barriers to completing degree requirements increases their chances of on-time completion.

Improve Student Retention

When students have access to academic opportunity and an efficient path to graduation, there’s less incentive to go elsewhere. Increase retention by providing more course options to help students stay on track and increasing access to subject areas you aren’t able to offer.

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Optimize Resources. Reduce Costs.

Save big on both costs and headaches by collaborating to share instructional resources with partner institutions. Combine underutilized sections and free up resources to increase course inventory and serve more students. When you share the load, everyone wins.

Save Time By Automating Workflows

Eliminate the time-consuming manual processes associated with transient student enrollment and registration. Secure integrations with your SIS and other IT infrastructure automate processes and catalog updates, freeing up time for staff to focus on more important efforts.

What Members are Saying...

“Quottly, [now Parchment], is deeply skilled at working with large, multi-institutional teams to find creative solutions for tough problems, and all in the name of improving the experience for our current and prospective students. I could not be more pleased with our partnership.”


Joe Thiel

Director of Academic Policy and Research,
Montana University System

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Students Face Significant Barriers
to On-Time Completion


of college students don’t graduate within 6 years


of community college students don’t finish within 3 years

NSCRC, 2023

Put Course Sharing to Work for You

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Seamless SIS Integrations

Cut processing times and streamline collaboration across institutions by leveraging secure integrations with multiple SIS platforms and payment processors, along with SSO support, to automate tedious workflows, including student enrollment, registration, and payment.  

Customizable Course Catalog

Create a catalog of shared courses across institutions, complete with section details, course equivalencies, support for prerequisites, and real-time seat counts. You’re in control of branding, display order, and can even provide public access to attract prospective students.

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School Course Sharing - Custom Course Catalog

Real-Time Data to Optimize Collaboration

Create a plan you can count on using real-time and historical course search, enrollment, and completion data. Identify trends to inform course inventory planning, define availability down to the section level, and optimize your collaboration for maximum impact and efficiency.

An Empowering Student Experience

Give students a seamless, fully digital experience built to help them succeed. Simplify course search, provide an automated cross-enrollment and registration experience, and empower them to make every credit count, all at once, to increase the likelihood of on-time completion.

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Industry-Leading Security and Privacy

As a trusted intermediary for our members and learners, the security of learner data is paramount. That’s why we promote a culture of awareness and embed security controls and policies at every point in the Parchment ecosystem.

  • SOC 2, Type 2 compliance 
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance 
  • FERPA-compliant policies in our products 
  • Dedicated internal Security Team

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Expanding Access & Academic Opportunity With Course Sharing


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