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SENDedu powered by Parchment is the preferred method for colleges to request application completion documents.

SENDedu powered by Parchment is the preferred method for colleges to request application completion documents. It’s a fast and secure electronic document transfer service for counselors, teachers, student references and other official school admins involved in the application completion process.

With SENDedu, you can upload supporting application documents like transcripts or letters of recommendation to colleges and universities safely and quickly with no paperwork needed.

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Colleges love us. So do students.

Colleges, K-12 Counselors and Students all agree – Parchment is the preferred network for sending and receiving credentials. Students love the speed and security of our digital-first experience, while colleges can’t get enough of our streamlined delivery – when transcripts arrive tethered to a students’ application, administrators save time and students can rest assured their application is where it needs to be.

The most secure option for fulfilling student transcript requests.

At Parchment, the privacy and security of student information comes first. Every registered counselor is validated by our expert Support Team prior to fulfilling student requests, while our global security protocols and standards for sending and receiving are second to none.

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A convenient, digital-first solution.

Validated counselors can quickly and easily fulfill student requests from a centralized, organized location built to manage each applicant’s profile and admission documents, ensuring a reliable and efficient experience that gets student transcripts on their way and you back to the rest of your day.

A few clicks for peace of mind.

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How it Works

SENDedu powered by Parchment is the preferred method for colleges to request application completion documents, like a student’s transcript. If you’ve used SENDedu previously, the good news is that it’s still the most straightforward way to send student applications to colleges. 

The even better news? Today, counselors and students enjoy Parchment’s industry-leading security and convenience as a part of their SENDedu experience.



After completing a participating college’s application, students are asked to request their transcripts and other required high school documents through a free SendEDU powered by Parchment account.


High School Counselors

You will receive an electronic request for the student’s documents. Upload and submit those documents in a simple online workflow, ensuring the college receives the documents in the secure manner they prefer.



You and your student receive automated delivery updates, providing everyone involved with the peace of mind that the college has what it needs to complete the application.

NOTE: Your school does NOT need to use Parchment as a general service to fulfill SENDedu requests.

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Need to Create an Account?

Previous SENDedu users and counselors who have not yet created a Parchment account will need to be verified in order to start receiving student requests.

If you do not have a Parchment account to begin fulfilling SendEDU requests yet, you can place an account request in the form below. Our Support Team will perform a validation of your request and notify you when the validation process is complete. This process ensures the security of our end-to-end secure process, so during busy seasons, it’s important that you sign up early so our teams have enough time to go through their security checks before you receive your first order. Once your school receives a request for application documents from a student, you’ll receive the notification email. Simply log on to process the application documents with a few clicks.

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SENDedu powered by Parchment is a limited, free-for-schools solution that allows students who are applying to participating colleges and universities to order their transcript and immediately associate it with their college application. Through this solution, K-12 counselors and admins are able to upload their students’ transcript and application completion documents in a simple, easy-to use online interface and view the document status. This secure end-to-end process is enabled by Parchment’s college network of over 5.3K colleges and universities that prefer to receive records in their Parchment Receive inbox because it helps them more quickly process applications and admit students. In addition, Parchment gives learners a single place to collect, manage, and order all of the credentials they earn throughout their life.

You may request to have a SENDedu powered by Parchment account created and activated for future requests by filling out the form here.

Your student should submit their counselor’s name when applying to participating colleges. If for some reason, that counselor is not set up with a SENDedu powered by Parchment account but another counselor at your school does have a Parchment account, the request will be directed to the counselor who has the Parchment account. If you are a counselor that would like to send completion documents yourself, you may request a SENDedu powered by Parchment account by filling out the form here.

Parchment is the preferred method for colleges to request application completion documents. Not only is Parchment fast and secure, it is also the best way to ensure that a student’s transcripts are attached to their application when received by the college they are applying to. However, your school does not need to use Parchment as a general service to fulfill SENDedu requests.

The cost to send transcripts and application documents through SENDedu powered by Parchment is FREE for K-12 counselors and admins.

For the 2023/24 application season, learners may be charged dependent on their high school’s relationship with Parchment:

  • If your school has a relationship with Parchment to cover the cost of transcripts for current students, that will not change.
  • If your school does not have an existing relationship with Parchment that covers the cost of transcripts, then the student will be charged a transcript request fee.

No, you can process the requests individually or all at the same time – whatever makes more sense for your workflow.

Even though these are requests you normally do not process, it is important to be responsive to these requests because the learner is completing the admissions/application packet that is required by the institution. Please see a few recommendations below in order to process.

  • If you do not have access to the document being requested, please reach out to the counselor or advisor who could provide the PDF document you can then upload to the order and process.
  • A counselor or advisor can also be added as a Parchment Admin to the account. They may sign up and be activated by filling out the form here. They will then be able to log in and access the supplemental document orders going forward and process them on their own.
  • In the event you are unable to unable to access the document to process the request, you may cancel the order to remove it from your queue.

If you fulfilled your students’ completion documents outside of SENDedu powered by Parchment, refer to the email you received and click on the button “This Order Was Fulfilled Another Way.” You will then be asked to provide more detailed information about how the order was fulfilled. See screenshots below. Filling out this detailed information allows us to communicate back to your student that their completion documents have been fulfilled another way.

You will be able to access previous orders through the initial email request or through the fulfillment confirmation email that you will receive upon processing the order. You cannot access orders fulfilled by other counselors.

Additional information can be provided on a case by case basis. For any additional questions, please contact Parchment Support at 888-662-0874

To learn more about Parchment Award K-12, please visit here.

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At Parchment, we strive to transform credentials into opportunities by supporting learners at any age or stage in their journey. Our digital-first credentials are shareable, efficient, and secure – providing modern support for the modern learner through every lesson or experience.

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Simplify records management

Free your school from paper records and say goodbye to the stress of lost transcripts and insecure sending.

Parchment’s digitized school records are stored in a secure, searchable and centralized database.

Pull files in seconds and exchange records without ever leaving the Parchment platform.

Students love Parchment’s easy online ordering, tracking and support for their credentials.

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Send transcripts securely

Your privacy and security are our priority.

Our service is in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

The documents you upload cannot be accessed by anyone other than the intended college or university. Parchment uses industry-standard encryption (SSL).

Our users are overwhelmingly satisfied by Parchment’s secure and simple interface. Send transcripts quickly with confidence.

The largest credential exchange network of learners, institutions, state agencies, and employers in the world.

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