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Waitlisted to University of Michigan

1 point by Sami360   4 years ago

I've done everything I could have done in order to get my status from deferred to acceptance. I finally heard back from the university and now I'm waitlisted. I emailed my guidance counselor for my area and she claims that my school schedule wasn't challenging enough. What can I do to help my waitlisted status. This is seriously the only school I want to go to for undergraduate schooling. I have other options like MSU, but I rather not go there. Does anyone have a suggestion?



1 point by A353178   4 years ago

This happened to my daughter last year and she ended up not being accepted. I understand that it is unlikely that waitlisted students at UM actually get accepted (sorry). Things we did that you could do are send (electronically) additional letters of recommendation to the admissions office. Choose high level people who are alum of UM if possible. Send an update of activities since your original application - higher scores on ACT or SAT, additional academic or other achievement. Send a letter expressing your interest again. If you have a family member who is an alum your application is weighted better, so point that out if it is the case. They also look for diversity, so if you can point out anything there you will have a better chance. My daughter had a nearly perfect GPA and very high scores on her ACT, but UM accepted others in her class with lower gradepoints etc because they were of Canadian or Mexican descent, had parents who went to UM, took more AP classes. Those things you can't control at this point. Hope this helps.


1 point by Hyung Woo673239   4 years ago

U of M is definitely a more challenging school than MSU. Sometimes, you just get unlucky with college admissions. If you really care about U of M, show them you care. Send them letters, visit their campus, and get them to notice you. Also, don't worry, there are many people that choose other schools over U of M so you still have a chance. If worst comes to worst, just go to MSU and do your best there. It's not what college you go to that truly matters, it's what you do there. If you graduate #1 at MSU, who knows, you might get into Harvard Med. School or get a really successful job when you graduate! Think positive, at least you're getting an education, right?


1 point by CantioDei   4 years ago

If you were waitlisted at the U-M (I have a friend in the same boat), you have to look at it as tif hey would accept you if they had room. Michigan is really good about encouraging transfers (even from community college!) so I would work your butt off at MSU and then try to transfer. SERIOUSLY! As much as it sucks, it's doable. Don't get distracted by anything (parties, guys, etc) at MSU - work your butt off! It will be worth it! Seriously - getting into a top ranked business program will be so good for you!


1 point by gdmrd128   4 years ago

Send in a letter of interest! That'll definitely set you apart from the rest of the passive waitlisted applicants. Any school is more likely to accept you if they know you're very interested in the school. And if your grades are good, send in your transcript. Plus, you could always consider transferring if you don't get in this year.


0 points by jnic   4 years ago

apply to the ones in dearborn and flint then transfer in later