Every learner’s education is the result of teachers, family, friends, schools, and the organizations that support them. Parchment is proud to be part of the critical transition of academic credentials that help students achieve their dreams. But we know we can’t do it alone. Partnering with other stakeholders is a valuable part of the students academic experience. Partner with Parchment and help learners turn their credentials into opportunities.


BridgeU enables schools to help young people make well-informed decisions about their futures. As the higher education and early career landscape evolves at a rapid pace, we continually improve and develop our platform to stay ahead of current trends, and to adapt to the evolving needs of our schools.
For over 40 years CIS has been helping students develop career literacy and connect academic achievement to life goals. A one-stop online career information system, CIS provides the resources students need to discover what they want to do in life and empowers them to get there. Formal and informal assessments help students articulate their personal preferences, values, and skills. Quality information on occupations, education opportunities, and financial aid provide a comprehensive view of the options. Reflections personalize the process, planning tools turn goals into action, and the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) drives desired outcomes. Combining the power of self-awareness with meaningful information, CIS brings the pathway to a rewarding career into focus.
The Common Application is a not-for-profit member organization of nearly 700 influential colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. Since 1975, The Common Application has been committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process. Each year, more than 940,000 students use The Common Application online system to submit more than 4 million applications. To learn more, visit commonapp.org and follow @CommonApp #CommonApp
Slate is a comprehensive platform for admissions & enrollment management, student success, and alumni & advancement
Parchment is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education. The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners have a deeper understanding of the Slate product functionality and processes and have gained access to a variety of resources and insights into best practices. Slate Preferred Partners have an expressed commitment to providing Slate users with options for only the most exceptional service. Each vendor or organization has meet key requirements and adds unique value to the Slate user community. Slate Preferred Partners are listed in a directory available within all Slate databases. Institutions looking for supplemental Slate support and integration services can use the directory as a resource and have confidence in knowing each participant has been vetted by Technolutions and approved for participation.
Ellucian helps higher education institutions thrive in an open and dynamic world. We deliver a broad portfolio of technology solutions, developed in collaboration with a global education community, and provide strategic guidance to help education institutions of all kinds navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive efficiencies. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries around the world look to Ellucian for the ideas and insights that will move education forward, helping people everywhere discover their potential through learning.
In partnership with educators, economic development agencies and community leaders across the nation, Graduation Alliance provides versatile pathways to high school graduation, fosters college and career exploration, and connects job creators to skilled and ready workers.
Parchment is a PowerSchool Official Partner
PowerSchool partners with educators to improve college and career readiness, admissions and enrollment management, and student success and advising to help students connect what they are learning in school to what they want to do in life.
As the most trusted name in student information, Infinite Campus manages 7.7 million students in 45 states. For more than 20 years, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its SIS solutions for customers of all sizes, from those with fewer than 100 students to those with more than 600,000 students. Infinite Campus customers include school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government.
x2VOL by intelliVOL is an award-winning tracking and reporting platform for student service hours used by private and public schools and districts nationwide to customize service goals, centralize service hours and provide diverse service opportunities. x2VOL is the only provider of the Official Service Transcript distributed in partnership with Parchment. Service records are authenticated and verified for each student and can be attached to their college applications, scholarship applications or resumes. x2VOL is the most widely used service tracking and reporting platform in K-12 education with over 20 million approved service hours.
Kuder, Inc. has helped over 165 million people worldwide visualize what’s next in life – and make the plans to get there. Kuder is proud to offer comprehensive, customizable solutions for career planners at all life stages while supporting collaboration between education, business, and community stakeholders to drive economic success.
From administrative offices to academic departments, from alumni relations to athletics, from the Bursar's office to the Registrar's, OnBase elevates your institution's ability to provide superior service. Every OnBase solution can include mobile access, integrate with your applications, and be deployed on-premise or in the cloud – all on a secure platform. Parchment is a trusted OnBase Developers Network (ODN) partner of Hyland Software.
Legislatively created, the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) collectively creates solutions that build higher education’s capacity to better serve individuals, institutions, and states by leveraging the region’s resources, expertise, ideas, and experiences through multi-state: Convening, Research, Programs, and Contracts. The MHEC contract with Parchment offers a mechanism to facilitate the transfer of student information in a consistent format between public and private high schools to public and private colleges and universities. All high schools and public and private non-profit colleges, universities, community colleges, technical colleges, and statewide higher education agencies in member states are eligible to leverage the MHEC contract. Four MHEC states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) have active state-wide initiatives.
NextTier Education, is a mobile first postsecondary readiness solution with student engagement as the top priority. Our web and mobile-based user interface allows students (with support from their families) to better plan for postsecondary education, organize the school search and application process, and identify scholarship/financing opportunities. In addition, NextTier enhances the educator’s (e.g., college counselors) role by enabling them to drive student outcomes with comprehensive data analysis, collaborate in real-time with students and parents, perform administrative functions, and ultimately become better advisors. NextTier is currently being used by some of the most forward thinking schools districts in the country that are using technology to improve educator performance and student outcomes. Students using NextTier have shown an increased understanding of how to plan and prepare for postsecondary education; have been introduced to more postsecondary opportunities; and have applied to more “right-fit” colleges leading to higher chances of acceptance and attendance.
OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases. OnBase provides enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), records management, and capture all on a single database, code base, and content repository. With finger-tip access to information and process automation, OnBase speeds up decision making while improving communication. OnBase integrates with your student information system, syncing the documents and data stored in OnBase with your system of record.
At EAB, our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We work with more than 2,500 institutions to drive transformative change through data-driven insights and best-in-class capabilities. From kindergarten to college to career, EAB partners with leaders and practitioners to accelerate progress and drive results across five major areas: enrollment, student success, institutional strategy, data analytics, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). We work with each partner differently, tailoring our portfolio of research, technology, and marketing and enrollment solutions to meet the unique needs of every leadership team, as well as the students and employees they serve. Learn more at eab.com.
Smart Panda - Higher Education SIS system that extracts PDF transcript data
Smart Panda is a technical consulting firm specializing in making higher education SIS systems work better. Through their Raptor tool, clients can directly extract PDF and image transcript data (e.g., terms, enrollments, classes, grades, etc.) and load it directly into your ERP/SIS system! Raptor is the world’s first, SIS-agnostic, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool that uses optimization and algorithms tuned precisely for reading transcripts.
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