Sending and Receiving with The Coalition App in Three Easy Steps

Sending and Receiving with The Coalition App in Three Easy Steps

The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is going into their second year and the number of colleges participating has grown from 45 to 133 (with more to come!) As more and more of your students are applying to Coalition App schools, it’s so easy to send and receive transcripts using Parchment. Here are the three simple steps to sending and receiving with The Coalition App.

Applicants Check the Box

When students at schools using Parchment fill out the Coalition Application, they’ll check the box to indicate that they’ll be sending their transcripts to you another way. Their transcripts will be sent directly to Coalition Application members using the same workflow and experience they use for colleges in general.

Students then go ahead and place their order through Parchment, selecting the Coalition App school as a destination:

Counselors Process as They Do Today

Student requests will arrive and be processed electronically by high school counselors just as they were previously. With no change to your process whether the student is sending to a Coalition or non-Coalition school, you won’t have to spend time making adjustments. It’s a good thing!


Receive in Your Parchment Inbox

College receivers will continue to receive electronic admissions documents just as they do today. Basic receivers download all high-resolution transcript PDFs with one click. Premium receivers can go further and automate the indexing process with transcript PDFs and an index file of student data.


If you have questions or need any help sending or receiving with the Coalition App, contact us!

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