How It Works: GED Test Takers

GED Testing Service has partnered with Parchment to provide digital transcripts and diplomas for many of their jurisdictions. Please visit GED to begin the order process in the area you took your test.


Choose Your Area

Select the area where you took your GED Test.


Create An Account

Start your order by creating an account. You’ll be able to log in to see the status of your order as it is processed and sent to the destinations you select.



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Verify or Request a GED Credential on Behalf of a Test-Taker

Third Party Organization

Only making a few requests throughout the year?

Follow these 5 easy steps below or watch our video tutorial:

1. Go to Search for the area that the tester credentialed from in order to place an order. Each state or jurisdiction is listed separately. Example: If the test taker completed the GED exam in California, search for GED – California. 
2. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to create a Third Party account.
3. Enter the relevant order information. You’ll also need to upload a consent form from the test-taker.
4. Once you place your order and your request is fulfilled, the official document will be emailed to you.
5. To place future orders, simply sign in and get started through the order tab inside your dashboard.

Making requests for, or receiving many GED transcripts each year?

  • Consider streamlining your process with a full Parchment Receive accountLearn more here.

Academic Institution or School

Existing Receive account user?

  • Log in, head to the order tab inside your dashboard and select GED. Follow the prompts and your order is placed.

Sign-up to Request & Receive GED transcripts?

  • Schools and Institutions are eligible for a free Parchment Receive Lite account to request and receive GED transcripts and can sign up here.


Are you receiving GED Transcripts and have questions? Our GED Help Center has everything you need to know!

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