Ok, you’ve been getting a lot of transcripts. Some come by mail and you have to file them or keep them somewhere securely. Some come over email and you have to either store them digitally somewhere or print them out and file them as well.

Did you know that all of those academic transcripts you have been receiving (both paper and email) are coming through one credential platform: Parchment?

The Parchment Platform not only lets students and schools quickly find your office and send you their transcripts, but also helps you collect, manage, and organize those transcripts once you’ve received them. Parchment connects academic institutions, companies, government agencies, and learners with innovative technology solutions that streamline both sending and receiving transcripts.

Parchment Receive simplifies receiving transcripts and other credentials in one unified inbox

With Parchment Receive, you have an easy-to-use, single place to store all of your transcripts that also connects to your existing systems.

How Parchment Receive Can Help You


It’s hard to keep up with transcripts that arrive over email or mail, especially at times where you can’t get to your office. With Parchment, receiving a transcript is simple. Transcripts are delivered to your Parchment Receive inbox and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, by your entire team. Gone are the hours spent filing emails, saving documents in folders, or multi-step downloads. Hello, new projects on the to-do list!

  • All official records, transcripts, verifications and other academic credentials, in one, easy-to-use inbox
  • Elimination of printing and scanning of received records
  • Access to unlimited users and cloud storage
  • Order records from thousands of high schools and higher ed institutions.
  • Automation into other systems via a secure file transfer protocol
  • Batch download records
  • Automatic email notifications to request documents


Know that when someone sends you a transcript, it will be in your Parchment Receive inbox. No more issues with learners or schools sending a transcript to the wrong email or mailing address. It’s as easy for them as it is for you! And the system even sends a confirmation of delivery to the learner. Parchment Receive is the most reliable way to manage incoming transcripts.

  • Become a part of Parchment’s destination list, increasing your brand visibility and making it easier for others to select and send you academic credentials.
  • Reduced mistakes caused by manual processes with automation into other systems via a secure file transfer protocol
  • Customize your confirmation messages
  • Senders can track whether their documents have been received
  • Access to your full receive history
  • Persistent library of of all your received documents
  • Find all your credential records in one searchable place
  • Filter documents and route documents based on rules you set up


Worried about keeping your transcripts securely stored?
Concerned about being compliant with federal regulations around the privacy of educational data? Having exchanged over 100 million credentials through our platform, Parchment is a market proven solution. Our continued commitment to providing the highest levels of security lets you rest assured knowing that the credentials you are receiving are verified, safe, and managed with privacy compliance in mind.

  • FERPA compliant transfer and storage of documents
  • Elimination of insecure storage folders and filing cabinets
  • Automatically route transcripts sent to your email address through the Parchment network to your Parchment Receive inbox

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Secure online repository to receive all transcripts, verifications and other academic credentials
  • Receive from thousands of institutions electronically into your Receive inbox
  • Become a part of Parchment’s destination list, making it easier for others to select and send you academic credentials
  • Unlimited users
  • Customize confirmation messages
  • Emailed transcripts can be automatically routed to your Unified Inbox
  • Access and re-download records from your library
  • Route and filter documents to reduce manual processing
  • Robust reporting
  • Phone and web ticket support 5 days a week
  • Saves your applicants money – sending electronically is cheaper than snail mail

You can order transcripts and other academic credentials from thousands of institutions in our network, including high schools, colleges, GED, and HiSET. Please contact us if you would like to see which Sending institutions you can order from.

This offer is available to companies and non-academic organizations receiving documents through Parchment, for purposes such as employment, licensing, and certification.

Yes. But we’d be very sad to lose you, so please talk to us if you’re thinking about leaving.

We’re sorry but we do not give refunds for the Receive subscription.

Not a problem. For monthly subscriptions, you will be moved to the next monthly tier pricing for your next scheduled monthly payment. For annual subscriptions, you will start a new annual subscription to receive another 500 documents over the next 12 months. Don’t worry, you won’t have any loss of service as your plan transitions as long as we have a valid credit card on file!

Please contact us to check how many documents you may have received from Parchment (via email or mail) in the last 12 months.

The cost is variable because Parchment Senders charge different amounts. Typical record fees range between $3.75 and $20.

Simply click the Order tab when you are in your Receive account and follow the instructions.

Contact us at membersupport@parchment.com. We’d love to hear from you.

We would love to get you started with a Parchment Receive account. Visit our Parchment Receive for Higher Education page for more details.

Terms for Parchment Receive can be found here.

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