Send Transcript Service


Whether you're a Counselor that's tired of hearing, "Where's my transcript?" or a Registrar worried about PCI Compliance, it's time to experience the Platform that has processed over 100 million records since 2003. Electronic or print, transcripts and beyond, we've got you covered.

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Award Diploma Services


Average print diploma vendors take 4-6 weeks. Your graduating class shares their degree on social media the moment commencement ends. Issue print diplomas within 5-7 days and instant, shareable, digital diplomas by leveraging the system already trusted by 80+% of higher education institutions.

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CLR Services


Parchment CLR Services allows learners to better tell their story to employers in a secure, verifiable way. With CLR Services, you can create beautiful visual transcripts that simplify and contextualize co-curricular, experiential, competency, and program data for learners, employers, graduate schools, and other stakeholders.

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Paper can tear. Mail gets lost. Every delay impacts your organization and effects students. With the hundreds of documents that do arrive each day, printing & scanning can start to feel overwhelming. But not anymore. Now you can collect all official records, transcripts, verifications and other academic credentials in one Unified Inbox and setup automated Routing & Filters.

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From the company that brought you Parchment Receive (a service that 84% of members say is a "must-have"), increase your enrollments with a suite of analytics. Discover new regions of interest, which peer institutions are on your trail and the feeder schools that will yield the most applicants.

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Whether you're managing the records of a closed school or simply trying to avoid that one room with transcripts stacked taller than you, Parchment Services are a must have solution. Your documents will never be safer than after we turn them into secure, data readable PDFs.

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It takes 12 years to graduate grade school. Another 4 to receive your bachelor's degree. And where's that transcript or diploma now? With the credential profile, you can manage all of your hard-earned lifelong achievements in one place, accessible from any device at anytime.

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