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Only 32% of U.S. employees are engaged and committed to their work. Lack of professional development and recognition are key factors in this. By partnering with Parchment, you can issue digital badges and certificates for employee achievements and completed programs. The admin experience allows you to set expiration dates and even revoke them when necessary. Start celebrating your employees today. Parchment Award was built to keep your employees engaged.


Increased Retention

Happy employees work harder and attract more talent to your organization. Increase retention by setting up digital badging rewards for your employees today.

Extended Brand Reach

Your employees can easily share each digital badge or certificate on social media with pride, which expands your brand reach and attracts addtional talent. We call that a win.

Expanded Functionality

Offering annual professional development? Parchment Award was designed to meet your needs with a simple interface that allows you to provide individuals with awards that you can issue, revoke and expire.

An Experienced Partner

Award was built based on our 15 years of experience working with credential management across high schools, colleges, state agencies and beyond. The result? The highest claim (72%) and share (36%) rates in the industry.

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