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Parchment CLR Services allows learners to better tell their story to employers in a secure, verifiable way. With CLR Services, you can create beautiful, visual credentials that simplify and contextualize co-curricular, experiential, competency, and program data for learners, employers, graduate schools, and other stakeholders. CLRs give you the ability to share the growth your learners have experienced and the capabilities developed in ways that a traditional transcript can’t.


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Comprehensive Learner Record Services | CLR

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Parchment Award – CLR Services was built to fit the diverse needs of academic institutions in a consistent way, by aligning institutional data into four types of standardized modules:  

  • Co-curricular records which validate activities, programs, and learning experiences that compliment the learners curriculum. 
  • Experiential records that certify experiences and accomplishments outside the classroom
  • Competency records that translate courses and credits into market-relevant skills
  • Program data which documents learners progress through their academic curriculum

Organize Data

Upload learners’ academic, competency, and/or co-curricular data to feed a CLR template that reflects your institutional learning framework.

Build Credentials

Leverage a template that creates CLRs that are unique to the program outcomes and/or your learner framework.

Save and Issue Credentials

Generate documents that are saved to the Parchment Credential Library and are made available to learners with have unlimited access.

Order and Share

Learners can store, view, and share their CLR from their Parchment Credential Profile. They can also order verified copies of their credentials in electronic and paper form to be delivered to any destination.

A Platform Service

All of the great capabilities of the core Parchment Award platform, related to access, security, and accessibility, apply to CLRs as well.

Make it Visual

CLR Services is the only product available in the market today that enables the creation of most beautiful visual credentials with graphics designed to clearly communicate what employers are looking for.

Like CLR Services? You’ll Love the Rest of Parchment Award.

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Parchment Award - Diploma Services

As part of the Parchment Award platform, CLRs can be issued on the same easy-to-use interface as their transcripts, diplomas, digital badges, and other learner credentials. Wait, there’s more! Parchment Award lets learners store, view, and share their CLRs in their Parchment Credential Profile as well as order verified copies of their credentials for digital and paper delivery.

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