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It takes 12 years to graduate grade school. Another 4 to receive your bachelor’s degree. And it varies if you went on for your master’s or doctorate. Point is, wow. That’s a lot of school. And where’s that transcript or diploma now? A box in the basement? Hung on a wall? Parchment has helped learners turn their credentials into opportunities since 2003. With the credential profile, you can manage all of your hard-earned lifelong achievements in one place, accessible from any device at anytime.



Add the schools or programs you completed then order your credentials with a few clicks (or taps). No need for phone calls, because who does that anymore? Track everything online.


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Always there when you need them. And now you can brag about that degree to family, friends and frenemies on Facebook or Twitter. How do you like me now, Karen?

Increased Marketability

Start making your credentials work for you. They aren't doing anything in that desk drawer, but they can get employers to notice you on LinkedIn. Job offer? Accepted.

Robust College Tools

Finishing up with high school or just thinking about going back to college? Find the colleges that accepted others just like you. Maybe you'll surprise yourself. #Harvard

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