Make Receiving eTranscripts Completely Touch-Free.


Paper can tear. Mail gets lost. Every delay costs your institution enrollments that get faster responses elsewhere. With the hundreds of documents that do arrive each day, enrollment goals start to feel overwhelming. Insert Parchment. By using the solution that 84% of Premium Receive members say is a “must have”, you can receive eTranscripts in one Unified Inbox with automated Routing & Filters. Say goodbye to School Profiles. Parchment Receive was built to make your process touch-free.


One Unified Inbox

A central, unified inbox to receive college application documents electronically. Collect from staff emails, Senders, Naviance, SPEEDE, BridgeU, GED & more. The ability to re-download means you always have what you need.


Multiple License Types

Your volume, automation preference and data needs all determine the right Receive License for you. Don't settle for out-of-the-box when we know your office is one of a kind.

Complete Automation

Determine routing rules, implement scripts to collect documents from your SFTP server and import the index file into your system - all in less than one day. That's automation.

More Time, More Resources

How many hours does your office spend on chasing down incomplete application packets? Too many. Now you can place orders on behalf of students within seconds. Time saved.


Like Receive? You'll Love Recruit.

Parchment Recruit
Parchment Recruit Services

Don't deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Parchment Recruit arms you with the student recruitment data you deserve. Enrollment goals? Check.

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