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We recognize that your institution has unique enrollment goals and that reaching the best-fit students is essential to fulfilling those goals. Parchment Recruit is a first-of-its-kind analytics platform that sits within our Admissions Suite and helps institutions create the highest probability of enrollment success.

Millions of high school students interact with Parchment. Through data science and advanced analytics, we have built a cost-effective solution that delivers real-time student data, helping your institution make strategic and operational decisions that allow you to nurture relationships, whether that be with your peers’ feeders schools, or directly with high school students whose academic performance and demographic profile are a good fit.


Hand Raisers in Real Time

High school students are expressing interest in your institution through their interactions with Parchment. Some may have added you to their college list; others may have visited your college page. These students have raised their hand and told us that they are interested in you. Unlock your Parchment Recruit account so that you can begin reaching out to them.

Through Recruit, we deliver filterable, machine-readable data to help you connect with the best-fit students, facilitating both their success and yours. Recruit is a tool for you but the students are the greatest benefactors. They are at the center of everything we do. In a unique combination of aggregated and individual learner data, Recruit allows you to discover who they are and nurture your relationships with them.

Recruit is a must-have solution to help you reach and exceed your enrollment goals.

College Recruitment Inquiries

Unlock Recruit

Contact us to unlock your Parchment Recruit account today. It’s out-of-the-box ready. No training necessary. High school students interested in your institution have opted in to be contacted and are waiting to hear from you.

Competitive Peer Analysis

Discover where your peers are performing better than you. Find new regions of interest, and which schools will yield the most applicants. Drill down, filter by date/region, export results, and then strategize.

Powered by the Network

Millions of learners flow through our system - sending credentials or exploring college tools. Recruit aggregates the data in graphs, charts, and heat maps, and delivers individual learner data for ultimate enrollment success.

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Parchment Receive Student Transcripts Service
Parchment Receive Student Transcripts Service

Don't deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Parchment Receive funnels, filters and centralizes all of your applicant documents. Admissions made easier.

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