Goodbye Unverified Email Exchanges, Hello Secure Student Record Transferring

District Transfer Student Transfer File

Students may come and go within your district on any given day, so shouldn’t it be simple for their records to follow them securely? Sure, you may be keeping track of these requests in an organized way, or maybe not at all, but are you verifying if the requesters are legitimate? When student privacy is on the line, you need a simple, secure, and timely solution. Parchment District Transfer makes it easy for school districts to request student transfer files with a streamlined request, validation, and sending process – so you don’t have to worry!


Confidence in Verified Requesters

Let us do the validation. Parchment Transfer Requesters are each validated by our team, so you can rest assured those learner records aren’t going into the wrong hands

How to Transfer School Records to another School District

Streamlined Online Requests

Stop fielding phone calls or one off emails for requests. Place our link right on your district website so you can get back to focusing on your students.

Easy Records Sharing

Determine the files you want to share, then securely send via our easy-to-use online platform and get notified once the files have been received. No more guessing games.

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