Go Digital! Scan & Index Those Legacy Alumni Records.


Eliminate the risk of storing legacy paper records in storage rooms and boxes. Free yourself from the common risks such as security, natural disasters or media failure by digitizing those paper records into PDF’s.


Digitize Those Paper Records

Mail us those paper records that you would like turned into PDFs. We’ll scan and extract key data points so you are able to identify them however you would like. You then receive the secure PDFs back ready for you to use. Tell us if you want the paper records back or let us shred them to bits. Your call.


Document Safety

Why digital records? Because life happens. From floods to fires, have peace of mind that the records you digitize will forever be safe and accessible.

No More Digging Through Paper

When your documents are scanned you can easily search through them to process transcript or record requests.

Security You Can Trust

Parchment provides a secure, modern and high service experience meeting both physical and digital security requirements.

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