Make Receiving eTranscripts Completely Touch-Free.


Paper can tear. Mail gets lost. Every delay costs your institution students. With the hundreds of documents that do arrive each day, enrollment goals start to feel overwhelming. Insert Parchment. By partnering with the company that thousands of sending institutions and millions of students already trust, you can collect all of your documents in one Unified Inbox and setup automated Routing & Filters. Say goodbye to School Profiles. Parchment Receive was built to make your process touch-free.



One Unified Inbox

One inbox to rule them all! Shared by all admins, collect electronic transcripts directly from staff emails, Parchment Senders, Naviance, SPEEDE, XAP, BridgeU, GED and more.


Multiple License Types

Your volume, automation preference and industry all determine the right Receive License for you. Don't settle for out-of-the-box when we know your office is one of a kind.

Putting Members First

While we're a small part of your day, you're at the center of ours. From a dedicated Account Executive to an entire Support Team and regional Connect events, we're here if you need help.

Unparalleled Automation

From ECM connectors to continuous SFTP feature updates, you won't have to think twice about receiving records. Focus on other things, our automation is like magic. It just happens.



Like Parchment Receive? You'll Love Parchment Recruit.

Parchment Recruit
Parchment Recruit Services

Don’t deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Parchment Recruit arms you with the student recruitment data you deserve. Enrollment goals? Check.

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