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Receive Lite Versus Premium

Which option will is the right fit for you and your institution?

Which License Should You Choose?

Your office processes a couple of transcripts per day. A manual process of downloading each one individually as a pdf, works for you.

Your office workflows require additional features or you want to automatically process documents quickly and efficiently into your system.

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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Receive Premium

You can send documents directly to your CRM, imaging system, or SIS based on rules you create.

You never have to worry about losing access to transcripts sent to you with a persistent library that is stored in the cloud.

You can give application decisions faster when you can easily send students a request for transcripts.

You can rest assured that you are FERPA compliant when you aren't downloading or transferring documents from one system to another.

You are able to keep up with your incoming transcripts, even during peak application periods.

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Compare Receive License Types


Touch-free receiving


Touch-free receiving

Document Delivery

Unified Inbox

Receive documents in an inbox shared by all administrators. Includes records from Parchment senders, email to your staff, Naviance, SPEEDE, XAP, Bridge U and more.

Listing in Student Ordering Search

Appear in the searchable list students use when choosing where to send their records. Provide nicknames or acronyms too!

File Format: PDF

High resolution PDF records delivered directly from sending institution. Improved PDF with larger display.

Download Notification to Students

Customize a message to send to students to let them know you’ve received their records.

Features For Processing Records in Bulk

Re-Download Records

Cloud storage allows you to re-download records when you need them.

For 30 days

Download PDFs Individually

Each PDF record (eg transcript including cover page and legend) is a single PDF file.

Download PDFs Combined

All of the PDF records are merged into a single file. Example: If 10 transcript records have arrived, they will be combined into a single PDF file for download.

Overnight Delivery

Opt to have all of the records received for the day packaged overnight into a single zip file for download. Have yesterday’s records ready for you today!

Document Filters

Choose to filter records in your inbox by filters such as: document type, sending institution type, date received and more.

Saved Filters

Create pre-set filters to quickly identify records that meet your most common criteria.

Automatically Route Records

Using saved filters to identify the right set of records, route incoming records to the appropriate person or department.

SFTP Delivery

Choose to route records to an SFTP server at your organization. Enables automation into your system.

Connectors For Slate and Banner Data Management System

Scripts developed to allow your SIS to automatically intake and index incoming records.

Index File

Key fields from each record accompany the PDF to make indexing and matching the record to the application file completely automatic.

Organizing & Storing Records

Search Tools

Look up and retrieve records previously received.

History Review

Search records received and view details such as delivery and download dates.

Destination Folders

Route and store records in folders for easy managing, download and retrieval.

Dashboard Reporting

Key metrics on transcript volume, top sending institutions, and outstanding requests.

Document Retention Settings

Determine how long you wish to keep records stored in Parchment Receive.

Ordering Records

Order on Behalf of a Student

Place a request for one or more student records, and track the delivery.

Post-Pay Requests on Behalf of Students

Place orders without requiring any credit card input at checkout.