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Standard Free Training

This is the standard training option that is available to any Parchment Member. The training goes over the basics of using Parchment with schools joining from all over the nation.

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Custom Webinar

We understand that your time is limited and it can seem nearly impossible to gather everyone in one place. Take advantage of this 1.5 hour custom webinar that is designed to suit your school or district's needs - and no one has to leave their desk!


Half Day Onsite

Are you a hands on learner? This half-day custom onsite is designed to provide that familiar classroom setting. Bring your laptops or settle into the computer lab (up to 30 attendees) for an in depth look into your Parchment account.


Full Day Onsite

Does your school or district hold a Professional Development Day? Invite Parchment! This full-day onsite is the perfect way to make sure everyone in your District receives the training they deserve. Up to 30 attendees can learn and grow together!

Sample Training Agenda

Uploading a Roster or Transcripts

Student Registration

Student Account Creation

Student Ordering/ Hold for Grades

Order Processing

Hot Topics

Website Successes

Third Party Orders

College Tools

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