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Credentials Are Social … In More Ways Than You Think!

Parchment Staff  •  Jun 29, 2017  •  Blog

Posting a picture of a diploma or commencement ceremony on graduation day to social media is increasing in popularity. Graduates are excited to share their achievement with their friends and family. But those social posts are just the beginning of how social sharing of diplomas, certificates, transcripts and other credentials can make a big impact on a graduate’s future opportunities.

Survey Says!

Earlier this year, Parchment conducted a survey of more than 1000 participants to learn more about how students use their credentials right after graduation and throughout the course of their career. What we learned clearly shows that credentials need to become transferrable, more communicative, and ultimately enable students to turn credentials into opportunities.

Read the complete report for a more detailed analysis.

Why Share Socially?

Today students share everything online, so it’s not too surprising that they’re excited about sharing their academic achievements too. We wanted to dig a little deeper to find out what was motivating their sharing. We found that of the 58% of respondents who share, will do so on Facebook (94%) because they are proud of themselves (78%).

The Long Tail of Sharing Digital Credentials

After the excitement of commencement is over, it’s time to start putting those hard-earned credentials to work! Our survey found that over the course of their career, learners depend on sharing their credentials with employers, institutions, and even other students looking for guidance.

61% of graduates need to share their credentials with a potential employer as part of their job application. As the average number of jobs millennials will hold increases to more than 15 over the course of their lifetime – these credentials are going to get even more use.

Graduates Want Innovation

One of the most exciting findings from the survey is the desire that graduates have to innovate their academic credentials. Increasingly they need digital credentials that can be shared with employers and transferable between institutions.

Making them more communicative, is also important. Graduates want to share their entire experience by including internships, class projects, volunteer activities, study abroad and more.

Helping Early Innovators

Many forward-thinking institutions are already working with Parchment to innovate the form and function of academic credentials. From clickable or visual transcripts to digital diplomas and certificates that can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook or with employers through a secure link. These institutions are listening to their student’s requests and taking the leap into the future.

As students continue to demand changes, as we observed through this survey, we’ll start to see more and more institutions looking to make some changes. Everyone at Parchment is excited to help institutions, and the students they serve, turn their credentials into opportunities.

View the whole infographic with all of the key findings below and click to download a PDF Version.

Read the complete report for a more detailed analysis.

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