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Taking an Institution-Wide Approach to Certificates with Kansas State University

Parchment Staff  •  May 03, 2024  •  Case Studies

Learn how Kansas State University improved student success and institutional operations through centralizing the issuance of digital certificates.



  • Inefficient, decentralized process for issuing certificates
  • Paper-based issuance, reliant on department budgets
  • Difficulty verifying past credentials awarded


  • Parchment Award – Certificate Services


  • Efficient, streamlined, & uniform process for issuing certificates
  • Meeting the needs of students through by moving from paper to digital
  • Improved data and reporting for verification of credentials awarded

Like many institutions, Kansas State University struggled with uniformity and efficiency with their certificate issuance. Recently, we sat down with Kelley Brundage, University Registrar at Kansas State University to discuss why they moved forward with Parchment’s Certificate Services, the impact it had on their operations, and why students love receiving a digital certificate.

What were the challenges in your previous certificate issuance process?

We had an extremely decentralized, paper-based model at Kansas State University. A branding template was established many years ago, but it wasn’t comprehensive in its guidance. Each department would go to printing services to issue their own certificates and they evidently looked different. For instance, we didn’t have any guidance on which signatures, seals and logos should be on the certificates.

We also had deviation amongst our departments. Some departments couldn’t afford to issue printed certificates. There wasn’t a uniform process for how and when certificates were issued to students. Furthermore, I started to see that we were getting inquiries about these certificates from former students or the Clearinghouse. We didn’t have good data on who these certificates were awarded to because we had no centralized process. There was a clear need to make this more efficient for our institution while giving students what they needed, when they needed it.

“Now, we can verify the credentials. We have a much more consistent process. And students are ecstatic that they are able to receive the certificate digitally.”


Kelley Brundage

University Registrar, Kansas State University

Why did you partner with Parchment to solve those challenges?

We had a comfort with Parchment because we’ve partnered together on transcripts and diplomas. We trusted Parchment as an organization and knew that they could help us move to a digital process. I was able to demonstrate how much our current paper-based process was costing us in terms of hours and dollars. It became clear that Parchment would allow us to become more efficient and consistent as an institution.

Additionally, as we thought about the student experience, having a centralized platform for all of their credentials made sense. We knew it would be widely adopted and was a system they were comfortable with.

What has been the impact since implementing Parchment’s Certificate Services?

I went into this primarily for efficiency and we have certainly accomplished that goal. Now, all departments can issue digital certificates with consistent branding.

We also wanted to meet a student’s needs in a quicker fashion and solve for the “customer” service element. This system allows us to issue the credential the minute we upload the roster of students. We can see the analytics of students claiming their digital certificate and when they are sharing it on social media and it’s clear this is a value-add for them. Our Marketing and Communications department loves that they can share their positive experience with Kansas State.

Overall, we have a much more consistent process and students are ecstatic that they are able to receive the certificate digitally. Looking back, it was a phenomenal decision to move forward with Parchment.

Benefits with Parchment


Single credentialing platform for transcripts, diplomas & certificates


Digital certificates issued efficiently


Analytics & reporting dashboard for claiming and sharing credentials


About Kansas State University

  • Nearly 20,000 students
  • 250+ academic undergraduate majors
  • 97% job placement rate for Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree programs

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