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Get Your High School Students College-Ready During Parchment’s National Student Registration Week

Parchment Staff  •  Sep 03, 2015  •  Blog

High school counselors and administrators know how exciting, and busy, the senior year is for students. So many forms to fill out and applications to complete. In our ongoing efforts to empower #EveryStudent, Parchment is introducing the First Annual Parchment National Student Registration Week.


Scheduled for October 19 – 23, National Student Registration Week is a movement to help students begin preparing for their future in higher education. When applying to college, applying for an internship or interviewing for a job, sharing their high school transcript will be key for their success. Parchment encourages high schools to take this week to focus on getting your senior class (junior class too, if you can) registered on Parchment. Getting students registered today will save you, and your students, time later this year when deadlines are approaching and they need to place their first order. Avoid crunch time!

Why have students register early?

  • Get ahead of application deadlines
  • Allow students time to collect parent consent necessary for ordering
  • Encourage students to research college and build their college lists so they can share with you
  • More student accounts created results in better matching and smoother order processing
  • Additional Parchment resources including “I registered” stickers for students

Why students will want to register early:

  • Less stress!
  • Research colleges and build your college lists to review with your counselor
  • Explore your admissions chances at the schools you add to your list
  • Impress your parents and demonstrate that you’re proactive in your college preparation
  • Review Parchment’s Annual Student Choice College Rankings to see where other Parchment users are going to school

Does this sound right up your alley and you’re ready to join the movement? Click here to learn more and sign up today!

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