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Idaho Improves Statewide Higher Education Access With Course and Program Sharing Solutions

Parchment Staff  •  Jul 08, 2022  •  News
Parchment Press Release

July 8, 2021 — GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Quottly [now Parchment] powers interinstitutional course discovery, registration and equivalency to help institutions scale through comprehensive course and program sharing

The Idaho State Board of Education has partnered with Quottly [now Parchment], the largest and most comprehensive course and program sharing platform empowering the “Collaboration Movement” in higher education, to create a statewide digital campus that expands course and program offerings for all Idahoans. As part of the state’s Online Idaho initiative, public institutions are now able to align course discovery and registration experiences by combining system-wide class schedules, transfer rules, integrated student information systems (SIS) and one-click registration.

“Each of Idaho’s eight public postsecondary institutions has a rich array of online courses and programs supported by faculty who are exceptionally skilled in online instruction,” said Dr. Jonathan Lashley, Associate Chief Academic Officer at the Idaho State Board of Education. “After teaching and learning went fully remote due to the pandemic, we realized that our institutions could both consolidate and improve access to learning opportunities for Idahoans by partnering with Quottly [now Parchment] to build a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate platform for enrolling in the fully online courses.”

Quottly [now Parchment] is a fully configurable solution that works with institutions’ existing frameworks and processes to improve operations and bridge inequities in technology and support across the various participating institutions. All of Idaho’s public colleges and universities deployed the platform to streamline experiences for students seeking fully online educational experiences. Through seamless SIS integration with the unique computing environment of each campus, Quottly [now Parchment] has enabled Idaho’s online program management and reporting to benefit statewide.

“The pandemic served to reinforce the urgent, ongoing need for institutions to meet new student demands across multiple learning channels,” said Alicia Policinski, Chief Executive Officer at Quottly [now Parchment]. “These challenges call for a significant shift in strategy around the idea of collaboration and the development of deeper partnerships with peer institutions. University systems like Idaho’s are welcoming the opportunity to create efficient, flexible and easy online opportunities for students to achieve their educational and career goals through course and program sharing.”

With Quottly [now Parchment], Idaho’s institutions were able to benefit from improvements in:

  • Course Registration – Students can search, discover and register for transferable classes through a single entry point.
  • Transfer Equivalency – Course equivalency and articulation search, creation and approval are automated and streamlined.
  • Programs and Certificates – Students can easily find and explore programs, requirements and certificates across schools; institutions can create shared programs, certificates, and micro-credentials unique to Idaho.
  • Pathways – Students get individual dashboards for scheduling courses and tracking their progress towards a credential or degree, based on their unique pathway.

“Quottly’s [now Parchment’s] suite of technical solutions prioritize the student experience without upending our existing workflows and administrative processes,” said Dr. Lashley. “As higher education institutions navigate times of crisis as well as calm, interinstitutional collaboration is imperative for improving student success outcomes and addressing institutional pain points.”

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