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K12 Counselors, Get Ready for Summer in Four Simple Steps

Parchment Staff  •  May 24, 2017  •  Blog

School’s … Out … For … Summer! (Almost.)

But before you take your well-deserved break, we recommend you complete these four easy tasks.

  1. Update the information for all the administrators on your account. New staff member? Someone leaving or moving to a new position? Get that squared away before you hit the pool!
  2. Watch our two-minute video about the latest upgrades for Parchment 7. Hint: Parchment will now support ALL your academic records (letters of recommendation, immunization records, verifications and more). Plus we’ve enhanced the look, feel and functionality of the product.
  3. Sign up for a one-hour training session. We know this is an extremely busy time for you. That’s why we’re offering a flexible training schedule, with dates added weekly. If you have time now, we’re here. If you have to wait until after summer, we’ll be available then, too, to ensure a successful transition to the new system.
  4. Make it really easy for your students to order by putting the OrderLink on your page. Visit the Parchment help center for step-by-step instructions:

We hope you enjoy your summer break. You’ve earned it! And thank you for being a Parchment member.

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