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Michigan Members Weigh In On their Parchment Experience

Parchment Staff  •  Mar 16, 2017  •  Blog

What do these five registrars in the Michigan have in common? While we’re sure they are longing for spring and gearing up for graduation, they also took time out of their busy schedules to tell us how Parchment has made their lives just a little easier.

Western Michigan University has been a Parchment member since 2011. “Our partnership with Parchment has allowed us to improve the transcript ordering process for students by providing current and former students with the ability to order transcripts online through a secure site and to have their transcripts delivered electronically to any destination,” Registrar Carrie Cumming explains. “Approximately 80% of our transcripts are being processed through Parchment. As a result, we have experienced significant cost savings through a reduction in transcript paper, postage and staff workloads.”

Newer Parchment members, Hillsdale College, Kalamazoo College, Madonna University and Monroe County Community College also weighed in.

“Hillsdale College began its relationship with Parchment in response to an increasing need for secure, electronic transmission of official student transcripts,” says Registrar Doug McArthur. “Start-up was efficient, timely and error-free. Since launch, students have reported overwhelming satisfaction with the Parchment service; a sentiment that is wholly shared by College administrators.”

“Kalamazoo College’s experience with Parchment has been extremely positive,” reports Registrar Nicole Kragt. “After reviewing a number of different products, we decided on Parchment for its ability to not only do electronic transcripts but also paper transcripts. This and their presentation had us hooked. Our goals were to see a quicker turnaround time and to relieve time from our transcripts processor.”

According to Nicole, overall the transition to Parchment handling our transcripts was smooth. “We had some glitches that we needed to work through in getting our SIS to talk with Parchment that slowed the automation process, but the support we received throughout the process was incredible,” she adds.

The results of implementing Parchment at Kalamazoo College are impressive. “We’ve been fully automated for about a year and a half and the time it’s saved in our office has been tremendous. We’ve been able to restructure our office staff and have saved significant money, allowing the College to reallocate that money elsewhere. Additionally, the feedback we’ve received from our students have been positive overall. We’ve been asked for electronic transcripts for years and the ability to fulfill that request is invaluable.”

“We really appreciate the time and patience the Parchment team has showed Madonna University from the beginning,” shares Registrar Dina Dubois. “We were new to the online ordering world, so their guidance was really valuable as we worked our way through the set-up.”

“Online ordering has been very well received by our students and alumni. By the end of the third month of use, we had close to 75% of our orders processed through the Parchment system, and that usage has grown,” Dina continues. “We can now provide an official, secure, electronic version of the transcript that we couldn’t previously provide. The best feature is the automated notifications that are sent to the requestor. These notifications keep students informed of the progress of their order with little to no effort on our part.”

“Parchment Exchange has provided our students and alumni with the ability to order and send transcripts electronically while addressing all of the features Monroe County Community College was looking for,” Register Tracy Vogt says. “The customer service provided by Parchment during implementation and trouble-shooting has been top notch. MCCC and our students and alumni are very happy with Parchment!”

Thanks for the feedback, Michiganders! Now, on to spring and graduation!

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