Parchment Awards Three Winners With the 2023 Pathway to College Scholarships

Parchment Staff  •  Oct 04, 2023  •  Blog

Parchment’s belief in the importance of education is embodied in the words of two powerful world icons, Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan. Building on that deep conviction and our mission to turn credentials into opportunities, Parchment awarded its Pathway to College Scholarships for the second year in a row.


Applications, Applications Everywhere

The almost 1,000 applications Parchment received for its scholarships demonstrate that early college planning — ideally starting during a student’s high school freshman year — is a sentiment that resonates strongly with high school students and their families. Early preparation enables students to revisit and re-tweak their higher education pathways and expectations as they progress through their high school years.


2023 Pathway to College Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations! Parchment would like to extend a warm round of applause to the winners of the 2023 Pathway to College Scholarships!

🏆2022-2023 HS Freshman Scholarship Recipient: Mary K. | South Warren High School | Bowling Green, KY

🏆2022-2023 HS Sophomore Scholarship Recipient: Amogh P. | South Warren High School | Bowling Green, KY

🏆2022-2023 HS Junior Scholarship Recipient: Andrew M. | Central High School | Woodstock, VA

Through an extensive and blind-judging process, involving both our scholarship management company as well as the Parchment staff, two of the winners are coincidentally from the same high school. A tip of the hat to the guidance counselors at South Warren High School in Bowling Green, KY, for bringing this scholarship to their students’ attention.


What a College Education Means

Here are snippets from our three winners’ essays.

We thank all the applicants for taking the time to share their narratives and wish all of them success in their college plans. Parchment will continue to support students as they turn their credentials into opportunities.

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