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Join us at AACRAO 2023 to discover the latest industry trends, developments, and best practices in higher education.

From diving deep into data to transforming the future of credentials, we are excited to share our first-hand insights, industry innovations, and inspiration! 

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Parchment Hosted Sessions and Presenters

Monday March 27, 2023

matthew pittinsky

Matthew Pittinsky


kevin martin

Kevin Martin

Chief Growth Officer

Join us as we delve into the exciting new world of Parchment! In this session, we will have a special thank you to our Members who have worked with us in the upgrade to one Parchment Award – Transcript Services platform, along with a discussion about the future of credential management and the role Parchment is playing in shaping that future, with educational institutions, students, and employers.

We will also explore the concept of multi-credentialing and the institution-wide approaches to credentialing and the impact of micro-credentialing. Our goal is to support learners to achieve their full potential by unlocking the true meaning of being well-credentialed.

Featured Member Sessions

Monday March 27, 2022

jason weaver

Jason Weaver

Executive Vice President, Product

The challenges with credit transfer are well-documented and well-publicized across higher education. From lost credits to manual institutional processes to confusing admissions requirements, it’s not easy for students to move from one institution to another. And even if they are able to transfer institutions, it’s likely that they’ll lose some of their hard-earned credits.

While it’s true that the current transfer process can be complex and confusing, there are also opportunities to improve and simplify it – both for students and the institutions that serve them. The question is, where should we start?

Join our Executive VP of Product Jason Weaver as we delve into opportunities and challenges related to credit transfer, along with ways to simplify the transfer process and help students find the courses they need to successfully complete their degree or program.

Parchment Sessions

Tuesday April 5, 2022

Parchment’s Jason Weaver captures data use today and discusses how data provides an advanced pathway in higher education. 

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matt sterenberg

Matt Sterenberg

Director, Customer Advocacy

robert nelson

Robert Nelson

Product Manager


Marni MacGilp

Manager, Portfolio Marketing


How Parchment Stacks Up

Delivering a single, institution-wide credential management solution and global network.

​​Data is a uniquely
valuable asset

Take advantage of the data you already have. Parchment helps institutions leverage the data they have to enable new ways to engage current and prospective students and offer more value.

One Comprehensive Platform

An efficient, complete solution for all your credentialing needs. By eliminating manual and repetitive tasks associated with issuing transcripts and diplomas, Parchment helps Registrars gain efficiency and streamline processes.

Innovation and delivering

The most comprehensive academic credential management solution and global network. Parchment continues to innovate and deliver in helping institutions support long-term student success.


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