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20 Million Credentials Strong

Parchment Staff  •  Jul 28, 2015  •  Blog

Cue the balloons dropping and the confetti cannon. It’s time to celebrate!

This week Parchment facilitated the exchange of the 20 MILLIONTH credential request in company history!  For 12 years Parchment has been working with high schools and higher education institutions to make the process of sending electronic academic credentials, like transcripts, for students simple and secure.

No one knows this better than Chantal Aguirre. On the afternoon of Monday, July 20, Chantal logged on to from her laptop at home. She requested that Parchment send her Vista Ridge High School transcript to Arizona State University.  Little did she know how important her request would be in the history of Parchment.

Chantal is a 17-year old and will be a high school senior next month. She plans to apply to five or six colleges. On this date, Chantal would complete her first college application by sending her transcript to the ASU admissions office.

“I would like to major in geography and then get my master’s in sustainability,” said the quiet Texan. When asked what profession she is working toward, “I would like to join the Peace Corps and then work for a non-profit.”

Chantal is like millions of other students around the world that have come to rely on Parchment for the efficient exchange of their hard-earned academic credentials.   “It was really easy,” said Chantal. “When I logged on, the whole process took me less than five minutes. I was actually making a snack at the same time.”

Congratulations Chantal, the entire Parchment team wishes you the best of luck!