5 Key Takeaways from Our New K12 White Paper

Parchment Staff  •  Jan 06, 2022  •  Blog

What’s it all about? The name says it all: “In Support of Lifelong Learner Pathways: The Case for Unified Records Management.” As K12 school and district leaders, you are preparing your students for the challenges of today’s world. To be successful, they must be equipped with not just knowledge, but also evidence of and access to their hard-earned credentials.

These credentials open up opportunities with employers, post-secondary institutions, and more, regardless of what lifelong learning pathways your students (and alumni) take. As they progress along this long and winding road of learning, Parchment is there to support them. And you.

What You Should Know

Because a third of students take AP or dual enrollment courses, capturing that data and making it available to learners (and others) ensures their hard work is recognized and leveraged to open doors. These classes for college credit signal course rigor and demonstrate intellectual curiosity to college and university admissions officers.

  1. As a result of the pandemic, more students are changing schools and districts than ever before. Supporting high-mobility students should be top of mind for district decision-makers like you. Their student records should follow them as quickly (and securely) as possible. And those records must be clear, accurate, and accessible.
  2. While student records reflect learners’ efforts throughout secondary schooling, they also demonstrate the success of schools and school districts. Backed by rigorous courses and curriculum, state standards, extra-curricular activities, and community engagement, these credentials contribute to college and career readiness for your students.
  3. When thinking about your stewardship of student records, connected networks that support the secure sharing of verified credentials are vital. Large, secure networks consisting of a broad range of schools, universities, and employers help ease the transition and eliminate barriers to student progression. It’s up to you to unlock the potential of even greater student success.
  4. At Parchment, we think a lot about the future of credentials and how best we can help learners turn these credentials into opportunities. Our comprehensive records management platform will help you centralize all records requests, creating efficiencies and providing insight for your district. So, you can support your students over a lifetime of learning.

Wait! There’s More.

What you’ll get from reading our new white paper doesn’t stop here! We hope it inspires you to take the first steps to support diverse learner pathways by unifying your school and district records and embracing credential transparency for present (and past) students. And don’t miss the real-world examples of our platform in action.

Then, contact us to learn more about how you can streamline and simplify student and alumni enrollment and employment pathways with a comprehensive, secure, and modern records platform using the largest credential exchange network. And reach your goal of facilitating lifelong learner success.

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