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[eBook] 7 Common Questions About College Applications

Parchment Staff  •  Aug 22, 2018  •  Blog

As a counselor, you work hard to guide your students through the college application process. And Parchment is with you every step of the way. We’ve created a new resource for you to share with the students at your school who are applying for college.

The National Association for College Admissions Counseling reports that application volume is continuing to grow, with students applying to more colleges than ever before. For most, that application process can seem daunting, so, it’s easy for students to get stressed and overwhelmed.

We understand that your college-bound students probably have LOTS of questions. Hot off the (online) press, our eBook, “7 Common Questions About Applying to College,” covers the basics:

  1. Who’s involved in the application process?
  2. How should I choose my college?
  3. What tests do I need to take?
  4. What do I need to include in the personal essay?
  5. When and how should I send my college application?
  6. When will I know if I got in?
  7. How do I pay for college?

Application season is upon us, so download our new eBook today. We hope the information will help your students feel a little more organized and a little less stressed. Not using Parchment today to manage your school’s transcript process? Learn more.

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